Miskatonic Missives (Vol. 1) - Three Book Set

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Three Great Letters, Three Great Books

Collect all three Miskatonic Missives books from Volume I. Each issue contains a reprint of one of H.P. Lovecraft's most interesting letters, presented alongside related archival material such as contemporary short stories, art, and maps, as well as original art and new scholarship. The books are printed in full colour on premium quality paper, Smythe sewn, and bound with a hardcover.

Each book is also packaged with a set of exclusive extras—replicas of related historical documents and ephemera such as photos, maps, ticket stubs, postcards, news clippings, and diary pages.

Volume I of Miskatonic Missives includes the following three issues:

Vol. I, No. 1: H.P. Lovecraft to Duane W. Rimel (November 1934)

Vol. I, No. 1 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard depicting a view of College Street in Providence, Rhode Island;

  • The wrapper from Owhyhee Idaho Spud, a candy (sweet) with an interesting history;

  • Handwritten notes for Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time, in his own hand; and

  • A beautiful letterpress reproduction of Duane Rimel's linocut portrait of H.P. Lovecraft.

Vol. I, No. 2: H.P. Lovecraft to Robert H. Barlow (March & April 1934)

Vol. I, No. 2 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard depicting a wealthy neighbourhood in DeLand, Florida;

  • A Florida Motor Lines bus ticket stub, similar to that which Lovecraft would have received on his travels;

  • A page from a catalogue showing 'The Luck of Edenhall’, a glass beaker with a fascinating history; and

  • A re-creation of a period map of DeLand, Florida.

Vol. I, No. 3: H.P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard (June 1932)

Vol. I, No. 3 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard showing a view of a riverboat in New Orleans;

  • A newspaper clipping relating to the 'Massie Affair';

  • The first page of the handwritten manuscript for The Diary of Alonzo Typer, by William Lumley; and

  • A photo of a young Robert E. Howard in costume.

Title: Miskatonic Missives
Editors: Sean Branney & Andrew Leman
Authors: Various
Date of publication: 2022
Format: Hardcover, 6 × 9 inches (152 × 229 mm)
Pages: No. 1: 108; No. 2: 156; No. 3: 136
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-911683-09-4

 Craving more? Get the Deluxe Slipcase Edition of all three books. 

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Askew
The pictures provided truely don't do these volumes justice

(As of the time of writing, the images suggest - well, to me at least - that the books are paperback. As such, I felt compelled to write a little about the book itself, knowing that this review might become obsolete if the books as delivered are displayed here)

I didn't have any fancy books. In my mind, I know now that the kind of 'fancy' books I'm referring to are case-bound, feature soft fabrics over the cover and creamy, weighted paper with impeccable printing within.

These books are those: elegant hardcover books wrapped in a deep green fabric, black cloth and matching black headband encasing the spine, understated gold lettering on the front cover and spine, and a de-bossed Helios House logo on the back cover. Beautiful to hold. The interior is color when required, profusely illustrated, and so easy to read.

Alas, it takes me far too long to read books these days. In truth, I wouldn't rush through these volumes in any case. So, my review will end here rather than dive into the content.

Todd L.
Amazingly Detailed

Just received my copies and I must say, I am impressed with the level of detail in these volumes. Thank you.


I know it's a rough gig creating things and sending them out all over the world, with many a slip twixt cup and lip, as the old saying goes.

So with that in mind I wanted to say "Thank you" for my absolutely awesome Letters of HPL, which actually arrived a few weeks ago. They are beautiful in both conception and execution: having them makes my life happier.

Just a little bit of positive reinforcement. I suspect I speak for the majority who quietly receive their books and are thrilled with them: if so I want you to know it louder, and if you instead are flooded with such emails I'm happy to add my voice to the chorus.

Yours with gratitude,