Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Haunter of the Dark

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Haunter of the Dark

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"Cautious investigators will hesitate to challenge the common belief that Robert Blake was killed by lightning..."

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®: The Haunter of the Dark brings to life H.P. Lovecraft's tale of a lingering supernatural horror in a 1930s-style radio drama. Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® presents the tale with a huge cast of professional actors, exciting sound effects and thrilling original music by Reber Clark. Click here for more information about our other Lovecraft stories in the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® series. They're like movies you can enjoy with your eyes closed.

For decades, an old Providence church has stood empty, silently looming in the city's skyline. As a young writer looks into the history of the abandoned church — and the cult that once resided there — he stirs an ancient horror. Will he be able to finally solve an unspeakable mystery, or has he merely paved the way to become its next victim?

The CD edition will feature the 76-minute audio show plus a collection of props to enhance your listening experience. They include:

  • a clipping from the Providence Telegram covering riots outside the old church
  • a letter from the Vatican to a concerned priest of Providence
  • a page of notes deciphering a cryptic passage from an unholy book of the Church of Starry Wisdom, including an illustration of the Shining Trapezohedron 
  • a letter by Robert Blake praising a certain Providence author of weird fiction

All of these great extras are complemented by the fantastic artwork of illustrator Darrell Tutchton in the style you've come to know and love from other episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®.

The cover art is available as a framed print, on garments and other fun items in our Redbubble store!

Everything else you ever wanted to know about Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® is right here.

Customer Reviews

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Roger Schumacher
Great Adaptation

Well done version of this story. Performances as usual are stellar and entertaining. Very moody piece with the added music and effects. Blakes descent into madness was the spine of the story and a great extension of the Lovecraft mythos.

Jeremy L
The pasta...

This was a really good adaptation and the acting as always is great. The props add a lot of emersion when your listening. You should really purchase this.

Kim White

Yet another wonderful effort from DART.
The DART radio plays are a great way to fill in a spare hour. Well-produced by professional voice actors, musicians, and sound/special effects, they are top quality entertainment that absolutely capture the ambience of the 1930’s. I’ve now bought at least 6-8 and will get them all in the end. Being in Australia, I usually just get the digital download to avoid shipping costs, but the one I bought as a CD and props was fantastic. HPLHS props are just SO good.I love these plays!
Kim W.


As some have noted previously, “Haunter of the Dark” is a particularly challenging Lovecraft tale to adapt to the DART formula, being chiefly a briefly-recounted collection of items and incidents, with few characters and no real dialogue. Lovecraft’s story is though one of my favourites, and at first, despite being prepared by earlier reviews as I’d thought, I struggled to properly appreciate the extensive reworking of the material in the DART version. For those similarly afflicted, I would recommend perseverance, for the audio production is a very fine creation in its own right. Now I am happy to recommend it on its merits, though it is rather different to the tale in places. The props fit to the DART retelling, so those hoping for a newspaper report from the 1869 riot, or the 1851 photo of the church, may be disappointed. The quality of both audio production and those props is of the usual excellence, of course. Do not omit a visit to the DART webpage for “Haunter” too, as there can be found photos of the real Providence church which inspired Lovecraft, prior to its demolition, details of a genuine faceted mineral that may have inspired the Trapezohedron, and a chance to hear the Starry Wisdom chant uninterrupted, among other things. All this, and such inspiringly atmospheric artwork on sleeve and liner!

Frighteningly Good in the Dark

It did enjoy the additions to the story as it filled it out more and made it better for a radio play, instead of a first person POV from the original story.