DART Collector's Prop Binder

DART Collector's Prop Binder

$ 24.95

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The Ultimate Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Storage System

Ever had a hard time cramming your DART props back into their jewel cases? Wish you had an easier way to organize your DART props? We've heard your pleas and are delighted to offer an easy flexible solution.

Our custom-made, velcro-sealed, turned-edge D-ring binder embraces the DART aesthetic, and can hold up to twenty DART shows with their props. Fully loaded, it comes with archival polypropylene sleeves featuring inserts of the DART cover artwork (in large format!) with the shows' liner notes on the reverse sides. Get to your props easily, enjoy them and put them away conveniently on your shelf.

Choose either:

  • the binder by itself (add your own sleeves and props)
  • the binder with 26 sleeves with double sided inserts for each show (add your own props to our sleeves)
  • the binder with 25 sleeves, inserts and all four props for each DART show (simply enjoy)

Binder is 11 x 11.375 x 2 inches. 

You can order our sleeves (with and without props) individually here.

And you can order a binder with the radio plays, props and sleeves here.

NOTE: the Collector Set with Sleeves and Props does NOT include our show Masks of Nyalathotep due to the fact that it contains more props than can reasonably fit in a binder sleeve. Those props are sold separately.

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