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More Designs, More Products

The HPLHS has teamed up with the folks at Redbubble to provide lots of great HPLHS designs on all kinds of garments and other products.


At the HPLHS Redbubble store, the folks at Redbubble take care of the manufacturing and shipping of your product. This is helpful in a couple of ways. First, Redbubble carries more designs, more sizes and more colors than is feasible for a small company like the HPLHS. Second, they have manufacturing sites across the world. So, for example, if you're in France and you place an order, your order will usually be made and shipped  from the EU. This means much lower shipping costs and no import duties. And for customers in the USA, your products are still made in the USA.


Q: Wait, is this Redbubble thing still the HPLHS?

A. Redbubble is its own company. The HPLHS provides them with our designs, but they handle production and fulfillment of the products sold there. 

Q: Aren't Redbubble products cheap and schlocky?

A. We've ordered samples of lots (though not all) of the Redbubble products and we've been quite happy with them. In many cases they use the exact same t-shirts for printing on that we use here at headquarters. And they offer lots of things we can't possibly make ourselves.

Q: How come all of the HPLHS garments aren't on Redbubble?

A: Some of our garments are unique and Redbubble does not offer something comparable. For those garments, we'll keep making them here at the HPLHS just as we've always done.

Q: Wait, why can't I order anything on this page?

A: This page is a placeholder in the HPLHS Store to help customers understand that we also have a Redbubble store and make it easy to get there.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy L
Really cool options for clothing and other stuff.

I bought three shirts from Redbubble. For the first time ever I am able to get The Colour Out Of Space shirt I always wanted and they all fit well. I washed them a few times and they seem to be holding up to a good cleaning.

It would be five stars if I wasn't comparing it to in house HPLHS product.

As far as online t-shirt manufacturers go redbubble is fine and I am delighted that this has allowed me to get genuine Miskatonic hats Gilman House Lounge coasters and a bunch of t-shirts that otherwise were not available to me, etc, etc. The only reason it only has four stars is when comparing a t-shirt I bought directly from hplhs to one from redbubble is that I love the puffy silk screen and known durability of the shirts I have straight from Andrew and Sean. Nothing has gone wrong with the redbubble stuff yet, but my previous experience with this sort of shirt vendor is that their images peel in a couple of years. If this means I can get more customized stuff like my hoodies from hplhs directly, I am all for it!

Tobias Nilsson
Outsourced goodness

Remember, this is a review of my RedBubble experience, not the HPLHS store!

I recently bought two shirts; a black one with the DART logo, and a light blue with the Innsmouth Swim Team logo.
I picked the "classic t-shirt" for both. The print is well made and seems to be of good quality. The t-shirt is a fairly standard t-shirt quality, nothing outstanding but seems fine. I haven't tried washing them yet, so I can't comment on that yet, although the shirts are marked as max 30 degrees celcius wash, so I'm guessing they're either sensitive, or the seller is covering their bases.
I picked XL for both, and they fit well - it's exactly what I'd assume from an XL size.

I'm stoked that the transition to Redbubble have made so many more designs available, and as a buyer from Europe, I'm also highly pleassed with the lower shipping and not being beaten with a hefty customs charge.