Miskatonic University Car Window Decal

$ 2.50

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Show your school colors by sticking one of these on the back of your Packard or Model T. This decal features black lettering on a white background on a clear decal. 

Dimensions: approx. 8x2 inches (20cm x 5cm).

Now new and improved with the image reversed to adhere to the inside of your window for longer life.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy L
It makes me look smart.

It's sticks well to the front window of my car.

Aragorn Johnson
Great sticker!

A fun sticker to have. My only want is that is was a little bigger and of the static cling type so I can move it from car to car.

The "Now new and improved with the image reversed to adhere to the inside of your window for longer life." is a great improvement. But we want to shout out loud our collective nerdiness!

Willing to pay for it too!

Christine W
Awesome decal!

I bought this having a 20% tint on my back window, and knowing that it is placed on the interior of the window. But good news it can still be seen by other drivers if the sun shines in the car. I’ve had many drivers call out to me while driving saying things like “Cthulhu Fhtagn” so I know first-hand it can still be seen through tinted windows. I love this decal!!


My minor complaint is that this is too small; typically university-style decals are meant to cover a lengthy portion of the window for optimal viewing.
My real dissatisfaction is that this decal is meant to adhere to the inside of the car window, which, if your windows are tinted (as most rear ones are) means no one is going to see this except for you.
When you combine the size and the way it's meant to adhere, you have a decal that you can't put anywhere should you decide the size isn't right, because anything else you stick it to will be displaying it backward.
I'd have preferred to pay more for something weather-resistant that can be stuck to the outside of my vehicle, so, off to Etsy I go!

Alicia, the description of the product states that this decal is intended to be affixed to the INSIDE of car windows and as such is not well suited for tinted windows. The product description also provides the exact measurement of the decal, so we're surprised you thought it would be a different size than what we described. We offer a full guarantee on everything we sell, so please feel free to return it to us for a refund.

Make sure you read the description

Ok first of all as usual the quality of this is great, however I missed in the description that this was for inside the window not on the outside, So I have had to find more creative uses for this as my windows are tinted.