Miskatonic University Fountain Pen: Armitage Edition, with gift box

Miskatonic University Fountain Pens

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Write Like a Miskatonic Professor

The HPLHS is pleased to present our own line of Miskatonic University fountain pens. Lovecraft himself handwrote his stories and thousands of letters with his trusty fountain pen. We've embraced that tradition with our own Miskatonic University branded fountain pen. With the Miskatonic logo handsomely emblazoned on the barrel, soon you too will be writing in classic style.

Our fountain pen comes packed in a very nice black drawer-pull style gift box, with both an easily replaceable black ink cartridge and an installed converter for easy refills from an ink bottle. Our inaugural design is in black and silver, and is named in honor of Henry Armitage. The pen is about 5.5 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter, with a .38mm nib. Now shipping.

The box will contain a small sheet of instructions for how to fill the pen with ink for those who don't normally use fountain pens. One supplied standard international ink cartridge will enable you to write with it right away, and it also comes with a converter so you can fill it with any color of ink you choose. Bottled ink and ink cartridges are readily available at numerous other retailers, but please make sure you get ink designed specifically for fountain pens. (India inks, drawing and alcohol-based inks may damage the pen and/or clog the ink flow.)

We use fountain pens all the time here at HPLHS headquarters, and here are some inks we like:

Iroshizuku Syo-ro

Noodler's Bulletproof Black

Diamine Ink

Skrip Ink (used by HPL himself)

Customer Reviews

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Jorge Valenzuela
Fountain pen

Great fountain pen! Just as advertised and Armitage approved! I like this better than my meisterstruck.

My second Fountain Pen and I got it right this time

The HPLHS Miskatonic Fountain pen is the second fountain pen I have ever owned. It took me doing more research and practice and the Society's ink suggestions, I now have a fountain pen that works and does not clog up. I am very fond of the Noodler ink bottle. I sign all my formal documents and cheques with this pen.

My only issue I have is that the pen seems to be loose at the stem. Not too bad and due to my lack of experience with this type of pen, I am learning. So far, so good and I may get another.

A good pen

I only have one other fountain pen, which was a gift so I have no idea what it is, so know I am not a fountain pen aficionado. The Miskatonic pen seems to be a good product. I put the noodler blue I use at work in it and it works perfectly. It feels solid, the pen screws together tightly, the cover snaps on tightly. I like the size of the nib. So now there is a Miskatonic pen in a museum office in the Midwest. Maybe it'll end up in the collections as an easter egg to a future version of me.

Brandon M.
Edit of Very Second Fountain Pen

TL;DR - The cap on my pen was so loose that the pen fell while I was walking and broke.

Even though I'm logged in, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to edit my previous review. So, I'm adding this one as an amendment to my first. While the pen writes (wrote, you'll see...) well, the cap comes off a little too easy and the section becomes slightly unscrewed from the barrel on its own. I didn't find this to be a real problem until just a few minutes ago when I was walking while holding the pen by the cap and the cap came off. The pen fell a few feet and landed nib down on my kitchen floor. You guessed it, the nib broke. Dropping my rating to three stars because the cap's looseness led to it breaking after having it for barely a day.

The HPLHS replace Brandon's pen, no questions asked.

Brandon M.
Very Second Fountain Pen

I just recently decided I wanted to try my hand at fountain pens but only had a cheap Manuscript pen I'd purchased for my wife (she never used it). I'd been playing around with that pen for a while but not really enjoying it. I then stumbled across this Miskatonic University Fountain Pen while I was looking for props for the Call of Cthulhu RPG I'll be running soon. As this is only my second fountain pen, I only have my cheap first one to compare it to. That being said, it writes way smoother than my cheap one and looks a lot nicer too. I've been looking at a lot of pens online and I get the impression that for the same price as this one there are tons and tons of options. Someone with more experience might find issues, but so far my only complaint is that there aren't more design options to choose from for this pen.