Knowledge is Power T-shirt

Knowledge is Power T-shirt

$ 25.00

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A slightly more contemporary look comes to Miskatonic with the HPLHS' new Knowledge is Power shirt. The back features "Scientia Potentatus Est" in black ink with the translation: Knowledge is Power.

This shirt is silkscreened in-house by our specially trained shoggoth on Royal Apparel 100% cotton shirts made in the USA. Click here for sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

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John Monfredo
Excellent quality!

I am very pleased with this t-shirt. It is of high quality material and has not faded or shrunk in the wash. I look forward to purchasing other clothing items in the future.

Looks Great

When pursuing an antiquarian inquiry by exploring an abandoned cemetery one must have the correct apparel. Accordingly, this father and son team very much recommends the MU "Knowledge is Power" shirt. By bearing the MU seal on the front and an academic motto upon the back, it clearly conveys the seriousness with which the said inquiry is being taken. (The MU "Knowledge is Power" shirt also looks great on the College Days that are oh-so-common at high schools across the land and one does not actually own anything from one's actual alma mater. This is especially the case when paired with one of the HPLHS MU coffee mugs.)

Darby Dixon
I can convince people I actually have an education!

It's soft, it protects your skin from the harsh sun and it features our favorite fictional University. Whats not to love?

Greg H.
Sturdy shirt, unlike my sanity....

Awesome shirt, wears well, takes the abuse. Also, fools people quite well. Had a lady staring at me, and she finally asked where the heck it was, because she'd lived in Massachussetts for 56 years and had never heard of it!

Dealt with my share of Wilbur Whateleys

The Miskatonic University teeshirt arrived yesterday, and I am wearing it at work today! I'm a public librarian and have dealt with my share of Wilbur Whateleys. I've enjoyed all the puzzled looks from the uninitiated and favorable complements from those in the know."