Miskatonic University Monograph: Kitab Al-Azif

Miskatonic University Monograph: Kitab Al-Azif

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The Fabled Kitab Al-Azif Unearthed

The HPLHS presents its latest addition to our series of academic monographs from Miskatonic University Press: The Discovery of Fragments of Kitab Al-Azif at Harran. Scholars from Cambridge and Miskatonic universities collaborated on a series of archeological digs in what is now southern Turkey. The expedition revealed an ancient occult document long thought lost to the ravages of time.

Excavations at the site of Harran made several unusual discoveries. But chief amongst them is a fragmentary medieval document in Arabic. Professor Henry Armitage correlated the translated fragments with a passage in Miskatonic's incredibly rare occult tome: the Necronomicon. The expedition really unearthed a fragment of a legendary document never seen before: Kitab Al-Azif, the Arabic original of the Necronomicon!

This monograph tracks the journey of the discovery from the team's expedition to Harran, the excavation of multiple test pits and the discoveries made therein. It follows the work of translators and other experts as they connect the fragments to Greek and Latin editions of the fabled Necronomicon. The monograph features numerous photos, maps and illustrations as well as large format reproductions of the Al-Azif fragment in the original Arabic. 

Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos and archeology will be delighted with this painstaking recreation of an academic monograph of yesteryear. This monograph is ideally suited for collectors of mythos memorabilia and for role playing gamers looking for a prop that's able to withstand a high level of scrutiny. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will enjoy this deep dive into one of the author's most enduring creations.

The monograph features 32 pages of text, photos, diagrams, maps, detailed footnotes, a glossy 14-inch color centerfold and more. It is 5.5 x 8.5 inches, saddle stapled with a high quality green cover.


Q: Is this real?

A: It was published by Miskatonic University Press, the publishing arm of a fictitious university. We hope that answers your question. 

Q: Is that real Arabic? What does it say?

A: Yes, it's real Arabic. It says exactly what the monograph says it says. The Greek and Latin sections of the monograph are also authentic.

Q: Is Harran a real place?

A: It is. It was a center of learning in the ancient world and has not, to date, been thoroughly excavated. It is in Turkey, near the Syrian border: not far from the region recently devastated by earthquakes.

Q: Are there more Miskatonic University monographs?

A: Yes. We have ones on the Codex Beltrán-Escavy and the Curious Sea Shanties of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. We have several more titles in the works.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Breece
Perfectly blends Lovecraft lore with real life. Very believable.

Very cool monograph, which seamlessly blends Lovecraft lore with real history written in early 20th century academic style. It looks and feels very believable. If you have ever read any of the books and papers by late 19th century or early 20th century near east archaeologists, you will find this monograph mimics that style quite well. This makes it feel like something that really could have been published by Miscatonic University.

Neil Aschliman
Brilliantly executed academic in-joke!

This was a delight! The text, plates, and figures ooze authenticity, and the narrative cleverly addresses key topics for the armchair Lovecraft scholar: from a winking correction of Lovecraft's childhood arabic to "Abd Alhazred", to a thoughtful assessment of the etymology of Necronomicon that will be familiar to listeners of Voluminous or the HPLLP. I grinned an awful lot. Highly recommended for those in the know!

David Sanchez

It feels like I am looking at a college library document.

Brandon Mizera
Very Cool Monograph

This monograph is very cool and very realistic. The photos and illustrations are high-quality and look great. I'm glad to have this monograph in my collection.

Michael Coburn

Love the artistry and work. I'll be getting more.