Miskatonic University Monograph: Codex Beltrán-Escavy

Miskatonic University Monograph: Codex Beltrán-Escavy

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The first of our series of academic papers published by Miskatonic University Press in 1928, Archeological Interpretations of Myth Patterns in the Iconography of the Codex Belrtán-Escavy is a gem of collaborative scholarship by Miskatonic's own Prof. Nathaniel Ward and Prof. Albert Wilmarth.

In 1919, Prof. Ward made the remarkable discovery of a fragment of a pre-Columbian document in a collapsed church basement in Mexico. A handful of pages illustrated on deerskin, this document depicted a strange mythological tale from an ancient civilization. The archeological analysis of Prof. Ward and the folkloric contextualization by Prof. Wilmarth make this challenging relic accessible to scholars and laymen alike.

This monograph includes an introduction by Henry Armitage and six full color plates featuring recreations of the damaged original artwork by celebrated Boston artist Martin St. John. The monograph also features a triple-wide foldout centerfold photograph of the original document.

Fans of the Cthulhu Mythos and archeology will find much to like in this handsome recreation of an academic mongraph of yesteryear. This monograph is ideally suited for collectors of mythos memorabilia and for role playing gamers looking for a prop that's able to withstand a high level of scrutiny.

The monograph features 19 pages of text, 6 full-color plates, a glossy triple width centerfold and more. It is 5.5 x 8.5 inches, saddle stapled with a high quality moss green cover.

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