Cthulhu Tupilak Replica

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An Unholy Relic

In the 1870s, Professor Webb recovered this unholy fetish from a band of devil-worshipping Esquimaux in an incident which cost him his eye. This Cthulhoid tupilak (a Greenlandic figurine depicting mythical creatures) is a replica of the prop used in the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu.

The Cthulhu tupilak was sculpted by Chris Lackey for the movie. Each piece is cast in polyeurethane resin and hand-finished to resemble aged walrus tusk ivory. It comes wrapped in an actual rabbit pelt tied with faux sinew, and boxed in a museum box.

Collectors have acquired the tupilak as an unusual piece of Lovecraftian art, some have put it to use in magick rituals and others have noted its shape is suited for personal activities best left to your imagination.

Height: 15.25" - 38.7cm
Diameter: 1.75" - 4.4cm
Weight: 16oz. - 453g

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