Cthulhu Tupilak Replica

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An Unholy Relic

In the 1870s, Professor Webb recovered this unholy fetish from a band of devil-worshipping Esquimaux in an incident which cost him his eye. This Cthulhoid tupilak (a Greenlandic figurine depicting mythical creatures) is a replica of the prop used in the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu.

The Cthulhu tupilak was sculpted by Chris Lackey for the movie. Each piece is cast in polyeurethane resin and hand-finished to resemble aged walrus tusk ivory. It comes wrapped in an actual rabbit pelt tied with faux sinew, and boxed in a museum box.

Collectors have acquired the tupilak as an unusual piece of Lovecraftian art, some have put it to use in magick rituals and others have noted its shape is suited for personal activities best left to your imagination.

Height: 15.25" - 38.7cm
Diameter: 1.75" - 4.4cm
Weight: 16oz. - 453g

Customer Reviews

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Richard Campbell
Another Awesome Artifact

Once again another great display piece for my shelf, looks great in my mini museum next to my Ithaqua Tupilak display

John Burford
What? I can only award five stars??

All I can say is, the consensus of reviews can be relied on. It's better than it looks in the photo; it's presented in a museum box, wrapped in fur tied with sinews; it's aesthetically excellent, and it's quite substantial.
I doubt anyone will be disappointed with the purchase, so I'll address the one thing that worried me. Will animal fur get through customs? The shipping shoggoth has it covered! If it's held up, the first thing they should do is open the pouch on the box containing the documentation. It includes a declaration as to fumigation, and a statement that no endangered species took part in assembly of the package.
HPLHS ticks all the boxes again!

Jeremy L
Holy Moly

What a cool looking Tupilak! It's just like the picture and looks amazing next to my Cthulhus and books. The rabbit fur adds an authentic feel to the whole piece! If I could give it more stars I would!

Outstanding Prop

The Tupilak is a believably life-sized narwhal tusk, scrimshawed into the shape of some antediluvial horror from the abyssal depths. Even looking at it causes unclean suspicions to form in my mind, and since I unwrapped it I've been plagued with nightmares of a most unwholesome nature.

The picture really does not do the tupilak justice. For a start, mine is heavily shaded to enhance the detail, including cryptic rune-like inscriptions around the base. Would that we could upload a photograph so you could see for yourself. Of course, an image of such a blasphemous item may not form on a conventional emulsion.

And it is unexpectedly large (yes, I read the measurements before buying). If I bend my right arm and lay the base of the tupilak against the crook of my elbow, the tip of the wings touches the base of the top joint of my middle finger. I am also unaccountably assailed by the sounds of the sea, as though something massive were rising from the stygian depths.

Dear god, could it possibly be carved ... from *life*, and not the fevered imagination of some damnable esquimaux shaman or deranged, foul and debased sailor, too long at sea?

One tip; I didn't realize it was possible to remove the tupilak from its wrapping without undoing the cords. The original bindings were so nicely done, but I can't replicate them now. Check yours carefully and you might be able to grasp the base and pull it gently from its wrapping without untying it at all.

Exceeded my expectations!

I am slowly decorating a new game room in a Lovecraftian fashion and picked this and the Cthulhu Idol up as a start. Both are great, but I will leave feedback for the idol on its own page. Pictures simply do not do the Tupilak justice.. I understand that the dimensions are clearly posted on the page, but I was not prepared for the size and detail of the piece! It was beautifully prepared in a very thematic way! This will have a place of honor in my new game room. I only wish the inscription on the box was also available as a sticker or card, because it would be perfect as a label in the display box I am planning for the piece!