Miskatonic Missives (Vol. 1) - Collector's Slipcase Edition

Miskatonic Missives (Vol. 1) - Collector's Slipcase Edition

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An Elegant Set for Discerning Collectors

The Collector’s Edition contains all three Miskatonic Missives books from Volume I, packaged in a custom slipcase with all of their extra items. Each issue contains a reprint of one of H.P. Lovecraft's most interesting letters, presented alongside related archival material such as contemporary short stories, art, and maps, as well as original art and new scholarship. The books are printed in full color on premium quality paper, Smythe sewn, and bound with a hardcover.

Each book is also packaged with a set of exclusive extras—replicas of related historical documents and ephemera such as photos, maps, ticket stubs, postcards, news clippings, and diary pages. The Collector's Edition packages these extras in a custom faux-book box which nests in the slipcase alongside the three books. Each Collector’s Edition is also supplied with three ex libris bookplates modeled after Lovecraft’s own, and the first 1000 sold will come with a Certificate of Ownership signed by editors Andrew Leman and Sean Branney of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

Volume I of Miskatonic Missives includes the following three issues:

Vol. I, No. 1: H.P. Lovecraft to Duane W. Rimel (November 1934)

Vol. I, No. 1 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard depicting a view of College Street in Providence, Rhode Island;

  • The wrapper from Owhyhee Idaho Spud, a candy with an interesting history;

  • Handwritten notes for Lovecraft's The Shadow Out of Time, in his own hand; and

  • A beautiful letterpress reproduction of Duane Rimel's linocut portrait of H.P. Lovecraft.

Vol. I, No. 2: H.P. Lovecraft to Robert H. Barlow (March & April 1934)

Vol. I, No. 2 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard depicting a wealthy neighbourhood in DeLand, Florida;

  • A Florida Motor Lines bus ticket stub, similar to that which Lovecraft would have received on his travels;

  • A page from a catalogue showing 'The Luck of Edenhall’, a glass beaker with a fascinating history; and

  • A re-creation of a period map of DeLand, Florida.

Vol. I, No. 3: H.P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard (June 1932)

Vol. I, No. 3 includes the following facsimile items:

  • A period postcard showing a view of a riverboat in New Orleans;

  • A newspaper clipping relating to the 'Massie Affair';

  • The first page of the handwritten manuscript for The Diary of Alonzo Typer, by William Lumley; and

  • A photo of a young Robert E. Howard in costume.

Title: Miskatonic Missives
Editors: Sean Branney & Andrew Leman
Authors: Various
Date of publication: 2022
Format: Hardcover, 6 × 9 inches (152 × 229 mm)
Pages: No. 1: 108: No. 2: 156; No. 3: 136
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-911683-10-0

If you like the books but the deluxe edition strains your budget, you can order the three book set here. We also offer the Miskatonic Missives Postcard Set.


Customer Reviews

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Wow... just, wow


Following on from the HPLHS’ “Voluminous” podcasts (all still freely available on the HPLHS website), this expands upon them, by presenting physical reproductions and reprints of items mentioned in, or relating to, discussions raised within these selected letters from H P Lovecraft to three of his correspondents. This affords the opportunity to explore more fully topics and texts in ways that would have been difficult in just the spoken-word podcast format, while providing the chance for those of us not around in the 1920s and 1930s to gain something of an impression of those times, and some of the content of the pulp magazines of the period. The presentation is, as might be expected from the HPLHS, immaculate in the clarity and quality of the printed materials, and the excellence of the bindings, covers and outer box of this set. The collection of physical props in the accompanying “Ephemera” box - with the numbered “Certificate of Authenticity”, if you’re one of the lucky first 1,000 purchasers - as ever with the Society, adds to the whole experience, while also including a concealed, enlarged “Black Temple of Tsathoggua” painting, as shown on page 147 of the second of the three text volumes. Choosing which letters to highlight in this first set must have been a huge challenge. Those selections seem great to me, and the whole can be readily, and highly, recommended for those wanting to explore beyond Lovecraft’s published stories.

Glen Henley
Need more of this!!!

Just got mine and not even through the first letter, I am enthralled by it! I learned so much just from what I've read so far. We all need you great guys to start working on Volume 2 for 2024 or 2025!!! Best money I ever spent, thank you so much!!!

Erik Gordon
Holy moley

What can I say? Meticulous work done by the publisher? ✅ Beautiful layout? ✅ All the background and inside info? ✅ One of a kind extra fiddly bits? ✅✅ It's not cheap but it's in my opinion worth more than the cost. If you have an esoteric library or are just starting one this one is for you.

S.T. Joshi
A Wealth of Materials

Each issue contains a wealth of material (mostly facsimile reprints of all manner of items pertaining to Lovecraft and his circle) of interest to the Lovecraft enthusiast. I urge everyone to secure this distinctive item.