Time to Harvest

Time to Harvest

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Horrors in the Hills of Vermont

Call of Cthulhu™ gamers rejoice! A brand new campaign is now out in hardback from the crazed team over at Chaosium. Here's your chance for your players to play a full campaign (if they live that long) as students from Miskatonic University. 

Set in the picturesque state of Vermont at the beginning of the 1930s, A Time to Harvest is a six-part campaign centered on the valley surrounding the sleeping town of Cobb's Corners. A wellspring of resources for the Keeper, the book includes a full suite of player handouts, maps, and details on the key locations preparing you for both the events of the campaign, as well as giving you plenty of information to write your own scenarios set in 1920s Vermont.

The HPLHS will be providing a detailed review of the book, but for now we can tell you we were very favorably impressed by it. We can tell you that the underlying story meshes nicely with Lovecraft's own writing and will offer gamers an experience that will feel very much ripped from the pages of a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

    This 336-page full-color hardback is beautifully produced and chock full of great artwork, maps, handouts and more. 


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