The Curse of Race Prejudice

The Curse of Race Prejudice

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The HPLHS is pleased to reissue the pamphlet "The Curse of Race Prejudice" written by Lovecraft's friend and correspondent, James F. Morton, Jr. This essay is an expanded version of a speech which Morton delivered on January 21, 1906 in New York. In it, Morton argued that racial hatred is injurious to both its victims and its perpetrators. He asserted that a culture which harbored racial prejudice was headed into contraction and decline. 

James F. Morton, Jr. was among H.P. Lovecraft's numerous correspondents. In many ways he differed greatly from Lovecraft and the two were somewhat improbable friends. When they first became acquainted through the amateur press movement, Lovecraft was a self educated arch-conservative. Morton, twenty years Lovecraft's senior, held undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard and promoted highly progressive ideas. In spite of this the two maintained a lasting friendship.

As an organization, the HPLHS deeply regrets Lovecraft's opinions about race. But HPL has been dead for nearly a century, and nothing we can do will ever change his views. Lovecraft and Morton debated racism along with many other topics. We are embracing this opportunity to share Mr. Morton's timely and insightful opinions.

In 1906, this pamphlet was sold for the price of twenty five cents. We are honoring Mr. Morton's legacy by continuing to offer his 64-page pamphlet at its original price.

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