Solstice tentacle stocking front view

Tentacle Stocking

$ 32.50

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If you're more inclined to visions of tentacles than sugar plums dancing in your head, we have the holiday stocking for you. Custom designed by HPLHS and handmade in the USA by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's own deranged seamstress, the HPLHS Stocking Tentacle is just the thing to hang from your mantle this solstice season. Measuring almost 33 inches from the edge of the red velvet cuff to the tip of the green fleece curl, the tentacle features custom-printed fabric and a pleasing bumpy texture. Stretchy fabric means it can hold plenty of loot.

While these are ONLY available via the HPLHS, the fabrics we use in them vary and then tentacle you get may not be a perfect match for the fabric in the photo.

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