Lovecraftian Lapel Pins

Lovecraftian Lapel Pins

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Pins are in and we've got a bunch to let you share your love of Lovecraft. Designed originally to decorate our Miskatonic Varsity Hoodie, our collection of pins celebrate the many accomplishments of Miskatonic students, the joys of horror role playing games and just being a weirdo in general. Mostly, we thought they would be fun.

The authorities at Miskatonic are currently issuing in the following pins:

  • Archeology - for meritorious scholarship in the field of archeology, or participation in a dig which uncovers an artifact of unspeakable occult power. Polished gold with blue and black enamel.
  • Arkham Chamber of Commerce - show your Arkham pride by displaying the "CofC" pin, featuring the winged head of Mercury, Greek god of commerce (and a wink to our favorite role-playing game). Polished gold with blue enamel.
  • Astronomy - for meritorious scholarship in astronomy and calculating when the stars will be right for the return of the great old ones. Polished sculptured gold with navy blue enamel.
  • Cryptozoology - only the strangest universities have programs dedicated to investigating creatures as yet unknown to science, in blue and silver
  • Drama - for meritorious scholarship in theatre and/or artistic achievement in the theatrical arts. Antique gold finish with white and yellow enamel. Twice as much tragedy as comedy!
  • Engineering - recognizing high level achievement among the people who know how to build stuff (and destroy it), in black, red and silver.
  • English - celebrating accomplishments among those who study the language of Shakespeare and Lovecraft, dual plated in silver and gold with black enamel.
  • Fine Arts - celebrates the accomplishments of the sculptors, painters, dancers and other children of the Muses, in black metal with red and gray enamel.
  • Glee Club - for our brethren in song: our only pin that you can sing! Polished gold with black enamel.
  • Halsey School of Medicine - for those in the noble pursuit of providing health and well being to their fellow humans, in polished silver with red, black and white enamel.
  • History - for meritorious accomplishments in the field of history, since those who cannot remember the past.... wait, how does that go again? Multi-color design features the pen, the sword, and the Möbius strip.
  • Honor Roll - issued by Dean Hayes for students earning a Grade Point Average of 3.6 or above. Polished sculptured gold with white and blue enamel.
  • Innsmouth Swim Team - because nobody swims as fast as those kids from Innsmouth. Polished gold with aqua and black enamel.
  • Investigator - gamers, show your willingness to risk health and sanity as you plumb unspeakable secrets not meant for mankind; a special detachable magnetic shield lets you display your sanity - or lack thereof. Polished gold pin with blue and red enamel. Extra large size (2.25") features two posts on the back.
  • Keeper - the few, the proud, the gamemasters who run games like Call of Cthulhu® for the joy of their fellow gamers. The spinning wheel at the center works like a pair of D10 for generating percentile outcomes! Polished gold with black enamel. Extra large size (2.25") features two posts on the back. It's big - like a badge of honor!
  • Library Use - for students who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of and ability to extract obscure facts from the Orne Library. Black metal with white, orange, gray and gold enamel
  • Marksmanship - Miskatonic's Marksmanship club, helping students hit the bullseye since 1844. Bronze plating with black enamel.
  • Mathematics - for high level scholarship in the underlying language of the universe, and a motto in Greek which means "Euclid be damned!" Polished silver with red and black enamel.
  • Medieval Metaphysics - for meritorious scholarship in historical metaphysics and mastering the occult sciences of yore. Polished gold with black enamel.
  • Miskatonic University - celebrate Miskatonic University itself with our MU pin. Black metal with red and gray enamel. Features the 8mm post, as it is not intended for attaching to the thick chenille "M" on the Varsity Hoodie.
  • Parapsychology - for student achievement in the field of probing the boundaries of the human mind's capabilities. Polished gold with blue enamel.
  • Sanity Level - this at-a-glance pin shows your current level of sanity; recommended for all M.U. students. Thumbwheels allow you to adjust the sanity level as needed. Polished silver with red and white enamel.
  • Spot Hidden Object - gamers know, you've gotta succeed with this skill. We think having the pin will help you make your rolls. Polished gold with blue enamel, and a jewel at the center of the eye.
  • Stella Obscura - Miskatonic's club devoted to occultism and inquiries into the unknown and unknowable. Polished gold with mysterious black enamel. 8mm post.
  • Varsity Athletics - for student athletes who have participated in athletics at a varsity level for the Miskatonic Myrmidons. Diestruck in antique copper.
  • Wireless Club - the technology may be new, but members of this club see its potential for a meaningful impact on mankind. Polished silver with black and red enamel. The base features a secret sentiment in Morse Code!

We also offer our pins in collections. Choose from the:

  • Miskatonic Collection - features all 20 of our Miskatonic Varsity Pins: Archeology, Astronomy, Cryptozoology, Drama, English, Engineering, Fine Arts, Glee Club, History, Halsey School of Medicine, Honor Roll, Library Use, Marksmanship, Mathematics, Medieval Metaphysics, Miskatonic University, Parapsychology, Stella Obscura, Varsity Athletics and Wireless Club. The Varsity Pins all feature a slightly longer 12mm post so that they can be attached to the thick chenille "M" on our Varsity Hoodie.
  • Role Playing Gamer Collection: includes our Investigator, Keeper, Library Use, Spot Hidden, and Sanity pins.
  • Eight Pack - choose any eight pins and save money while you're at it.

All are enameled metal pins with a pin and traditional butterfly clutch, custom designed by the HPLHS. Collect the whole set! Images shown here are digital design mock-ups, approximately to scale. Our Investigator, Keeper and Sanity pins all have moving parts; they're a little larger and more expensive than our other pins.

We have used some of the lapel pin designs on shirts and other fun stuff in our Redbubble store. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles of garments, as well as stickers and magnets!

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Alma Mater

Ordered 5* to show off my alma mater and grad level courses or is that curses?

People are always surprised. One way or another.

You'll excuse me now as I have a paper to write dealing with a current expedition over the verisimilitude of several strange objects found on particularly gruesome archaeological excavation.

Oh, the pins are hard enamel and stunningly detailed, brilliantly designed, and cleverly created.

Miskatonic University
Medieval Metaphysics
Stella Obscura
Sanity Level


Not the most delicious definition, but what I wanted.


Classic styles make the pins fun!


The pins are simply beautiful and of good quality, well worth the buy!

My only regret is that they arrived just the day after the session I wanted to gift some of them to my players!

I had to get them all!

Each of the Miskatonic pins are so perfect I had to get a complete collection. These pins are great quality and each is so unique yet make sense all together.