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More Adventures in Arkham Country Props

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The HPLHS is pleased to collaborate with the game artists at Miskatonic River Press to bring you deluxe prop handouts for their Call of Cthulhu® role-playing book, More Adventures in Arkham Country.

This deluxe downloadable prop PDF package includes full-color versions of all the prop handouts called for by the games, plus numerous bonus documents to add to your gaming experience. Many of the props are customizable using Adobe Acrobat® form fields, and many can be used for other Lovecraftian role-playing games. Print them up right in your own home on an inkjet printer. In addition to numerous detailed and authentic newspaper clippings, book excerpts, letters, legal documents and notes, you’ll find:

  • Arkham Advertiser letterhead
  • Arkham Historical Society membership cards
  • Miskatonic Exhibit Museum admission tickets
  • Customizable vintage business cards for Miskatonic University, Tewksbury State Hospital, and the (Federal) Bureau of Investigation
  • Customizable receipts for Arkham businesses
  • An excerpt from Liber Ivonis in Latin
  • …and much more.

The collection includes 34 PDF files, totaling over 90 pages of instructions and high-quality prop documents.

Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE: the prop documents are provided as Acrobat PDFs, and are intended to be modified only within Acrobat using form fields. Due to the large number of third-party proprietary fonts and embedded images in the documents themselves, and the innumerable permutations of system software, design applications, etc., attempting to open the documents outside of Acrobat leads to unexpected and usually deleterious results. Many of the props have customizable form fields built in, but some of the props are not intended for modification. The PDFs are password-protected and cannot be opened in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any program other than Adobe Acrobat.

Customer Reviews

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Aragorn Johnson
Great Props for CoC

Such a wonderful ranges of printable props for use in games of for fun!

very good value

the press clippings coming with this set are wonderful tools - I have recently found a supplier of 8 1/2 x 11 newspaper that luckily works well in my printer. the clippings coming with this set let me complete the flip side of stories I create, and this is extremely helpful.
the other products will have utility as well - high quality designs that help propel your storylines.
thanks folks

Mark Bladt
To use or not to use

My main reason for purchasing this product is that I know the level of quality HPLHS stands for.

I knew that I would get great handouts, and I was not disappointed. Even though I have no immediate plans to run any of the scenarios (I don't even own a copy of More Adventures in Arkham Country), the handouts can easily be used for other adventures. And the fact that they are so easy to edit make the handouts even greater and easier to use.

The handouts are great. They are beautiful and the guidelines on what paper to print them on and how to prepare them etc. is just the icing on the cake.

Konstanty Kubicki
New level of props.

I never had so much fun with filling and printing props. It really helps build amazing atmosphere on session. Good quality and very simple instructions. My first purchase but others are certainly in line. Props are so good that I use them even tho I don't play in english.

Starting in Arkham!

What an amazing way to help you start enhancing your game of rpg or other similar activities involving props. My first purchase but absolutely not my last. The qualities of the print are amazing and the possibilities for re-use is enormous. Great work, great product.
Now just have to answer the Call of Cthulhu.