Miskatonic University Combo

Miskatonic University Combo

$ 60.00

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Arkham's fabled Miskatonic University: it's not quite Ivy League, but its hallowed halls are the place to be for occult research. Most Lovecraft fans wish they'd attended and we're providing the next best thing. Our Prop Dept. has created fantastic customized period documents which put you right on campus. We've bundled together:
  • A customized Letter of Acceptance from the University
  • a customized Library Card
  • a customized Student ID Card (indicating your fees are paid)
  • a customized Diploma (we assume you'll have good grades and graduate)
  • Miskatonic University Shirt
  • 2 Miskatonic Stickers
  • the Miskatonic Course Book
  • a Miskatonic University Mug
Whether you want your name, a friend's name, or even a character from the role playing game's name, we'll take care of everything with this terrific bundle of Miskatonic fun. The shirt is 100% cotton made by Royal Apparel in the USA.
NOTE: When purchasing this item, please use the Customer Comments field to let us know the Name and Address which should be used in customizing your MU Combo. Click here for sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Design, very comfy.

Chris Jones
This is an Awesome Combo!

Great set of items here. The t-shirt and coffee mug are stellar and of great quality. The documents are really cool prop pieces. I bought a diploma frame for the diploma and it looks great displayed alongside my HPLHS membership certificate. Top-notch items as always - highly recommended!

Aniello Raul barone
Top-quality for all the items

I confess that initially I was mainly interested in the T-shirt, mug, and stickers, but considering that I live in Italy and also had to calculate customs clearance and shipping costs, I preferred to order the Miskatonic Combo directly.

I must admit that when I received the delivery and saw the enclosed documents (the student booklet, library card, graduation certificate, letter of admission, and others) I was definitely surprised by the level of quality, as well as the attention to detail.

The same goes for the mug with the university seal (which has now become my favorite mug to use every morning to taste my black tea) and the T-shirt (which is made entirely of top-quality combed cotton). On the T-shirt I decided to write a separate review, because it deserves it and because I also have some washing tips to offer to the potential buyers.

The packet is so much fun! I can't wait to decorate my study!

I was utterly delighted when I ordered this combo along with the Miskatonic Letter Jacket! I opened it up and there was my letter of acceptance to such a prestigious university! (Way better than Hogwarts!)

The library card, the matriculation card, and the diploma filled me with delight, but my favorite is the course book! I'm already trying to decide which classes I should take.

The one thing that made me laugh is the acceptance letter was addressed to Mr. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about that, considering the year. It amused me enormously!

Quality of an unquestionable level.

Everything arrived in good order, securely packaged to prevent damage in transit. The diploma and other documents are very convincing, and where applicable even leave spaces for proper signatures to be added by the recipient to add to the authenticity. The mug is of high quality and t-shirt fit perfectly. I highly recommend this combo for any serious fan of Lovecraft.