Lovecraft Bust

Lovecraft Bust

$ 275.00

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Gage Prentiss, the celebrated weird sculptor of Providence, has  sculpted a life-sized statue of HPL which hopefully will soon have a permanent home in Providence. This bust of HPL is a replica of the full sized one, but at 10 inches by 5 inches, it's much easier to ship and put on display in your home. It's a tasteful and fitting tribute to the master of weird fiction.

The sculpture is cast in resin with a lovely aged faux bronze patina. The finish on the castings we have in stock are a bit more bronze in color and a bit less antiqued than the casting in the photo above.

Customer Reviews

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D. T.
HPL Bust

A finely made, weighty and dignified tribute to HPL, packed & shipped with care.

The description would benefit greatly from some up to date photographs - the bronze colour resin is superb and would suit modern and classic aesthetics alike.

Thank you HPLHS.

Pride of Place

This beautifully executed tentacle-free statue has pride of place on the eye-level shelf of the bookcase holding the majority of our HPL collection. This item seems to be in short supply and so if you snooze you lose!

Stephen N.
When it's available -- buy this!

For a little while this bust statue of Lovecraft was out of stock but I'd signed up for email notification when it comes available. So glad I did! Once I received that email notice I mulled out the idea of purchasing this for a few days and then caved and, wow, am I happy I did so! Sometimes you wonder if an item looks better in a photo than in person. Does the actual size warrant the price? Will it be as impressive as it sounds? I was quite taken away with how amazing this statue is once it had been delivered and I removed it from the shipping box. This is an item that wholeheartedly deserves a venerable place on any reader's home's bookshelf! Don't let this one pass you by, people!

Dave Lawrence
Outstanding. Simply Outstanding.

The pictures do not do this work of art justice, even though it is a scaled down replica, it still captures the visceral qualities of the full sized sculpt and it faithfully captures the look of Mr Lovecraft. I am proud to have added it to my collection and I cannot suggest it enough as an elegant piece to accompany any library or other suitably dark demesne, should another one come up for sale.

It Is Providence

With so iconic a writer, in terms of both his countenance and overall stature as a prolific influence on contemporary horror, there is no shortage of busts of the Old Gent. That being said Gage Prentiss has not only managed to aptly capture the likeness of H.P.L but also gives the piece a unique style which sets it apart from other statuettes. The fact that it is a sized down replica of the statue which will grace Lovecraft's place of birth is also an added incentive to snatch one up.