HPLHS Member Pin

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We created a series of Varsity Pins to go with our Miskatonic Varsity Hoodie. And then we created one more pin solely for the use of HPLHS Members. This tastefully embossed golden pin bears the abbreviation of the Society's motto, LFP, rendered in Greek on a traditional butterfly clutch, custom designed by the HPLHS.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a current member of the HPLHS, please do not buy this pin. We will refund your order and will not send it to you. This pin is for Society members only. If you really want the pin, why not join the Society?

Customer Reviews

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Marcus Anthony Porter

As the title says, it is beautiful. Seems to be made of strong material. I'll be sure to wear this and any other HPLHS pins I buy in the future with pride.

J. Crawley
Better than the photo

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pin. The engraving on it is clearer than i was expecting, and the surface has a nice sheen. The shank is longer than most pins i own, but it's perfect for my thick leather jacket, that most pins cant adorn. A backing from a different pin accommodates the size for when the weather warms up, and I can wear it with lighter clothing.

It's a nice conversation starter that is worn with pride

C. Massago
Wear it with pride

I had to buy this. Since I bought my membership I just want to Represent the HPLHS. In many different ways.

M. Roman G.
Great but not perfect.

This is a great little pin. I bought three of them. However, it’s not perfect and I deducted one star from my rating for the following:

1. The shank on the pin is extra long, intended to penetrate the chenille M on the HPLHS Miskatonic Hoodie. To be suitable for use as a lapel pin, one must modify the shank to standard length with wire cutters and resharpen the point.

2. The pin has only one shank instead of two. As a result, it can sometimes move and pivot on the pin shank when worn. If you need the pin to stay in place, I recommend affixing a piece of hook-side Velcro to the back of the pin.

3. Since the pin only uses the society’s initials, it isn’t clear which organization the pin represents. Further, the “HS” in “HPLHS” can cause some to think “high school” instead of “historical society.” That the pin looks a lot like the senior graduation keys that many American high school students have worn for generations only reinforces this misperception.

David Buchanan
A member for all to see.

I opened the box and my eyes were met with such a strange sight. Non-Euclidean geometry that played havoc with my perception. It was bigger than expected but still compact and detailed. The sigils made my mind shift to far off plains and a tittering laugh uttered from my clenched mouth. A truly wondrous sight both awe-inspiring and terrible to behold. Faultless. I shall wear it proudly until the Old Ones return.