Embossed Old Style Membership Wallet

Embossed Old Style Membership Wallet

$ 7.50

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Go Old School 

When the HPLHS first started offering lifetime memberships, we enclosed membership cards in a Shoggohyde™ wallet. The company that made these for us succumbed to unnatural forces and we could no longer get them. However, in rooting through the vast HPLHS Warehouse of Weird Stuff, we found a bunch of the "old style" membership wallets that were sent to us in the wrong color. We still have them and we're making them available to you, dear members.

These Shoggohyde passport covers are NOT made of leather. They are made of the finest vinyl, artfully textured and embossed with the HPLHS logo. They are technically navy blue in color (see color issue above),  but they are so very dark in color as appear to the eye as more of an off-black than blue. Get yours while supplies last.

Customer Reviews

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The Gold Standard!

If you have decided to become a Life Member, you should consider upgrading to the original wallet before they disappear forever!

Robert Miller

You need this

Roman G
A cut above

It’s too bad that the HPLHS can’t get the old style membership card wallets for lifetime members anymore. The current lifetime membership wallets just don’t cut it for me. At one point, I discarded the wallet that came with my membership card and ordered a new leather passport wallet for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit.

When these old style wallets became available, I didn’t hesitate to buy one. Now that I have one in my possession, I’m glad I did. These truly are a cut above. Although Shoggohyde™️ (i.e. vinyl), they’re thicker, padded, cloth-lined, and stitched like a real leather wallet. They’re much more bespoke than the current wallet and befits the investment of the lifetime member. Get one. You won’t regret it.

Jeremy L
The original wallet

I got the newer style with my membership and it's nice, but this in my opinion is a bit nicer. I put my membership in this wallet and it fit perfectly.

Gloria Z.
Love it

Even though I won't be eligible for lifetime membership for another five months and four days, I figured I'd grab this now and use it to protect my current membership card. I can't believe how large it is! Which means the lifetime passport is going to be pretty substantial too.

The Shoggohoth hide is great leather-like quality and it has a nice padded feel. And the dark blue is so dark it might as well be black. I can also tuck in my driver's license, a money card and some bank notes and it's perfect in my purse. I open it up and the first thing I see is HPL. I'm happy. I'd get this if I were you.