Horror on the Orient Express Props

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Chaosium asked for the HPLHS' help in designing some of the props which were used as rewards for Kickstarter backers of The Horror on the Orient Express, a game supplement for The Call of Cthulhu®. This  downloadable prop PDF package includes full-color versions of some of the key prop handouts called for by the game.  With our handy instructions, you can print them up right in your own home on an inkjet printer for your own personal use. They're great for players of this campaign, other vintage role playing games, or just for folks who enjoy vintage documents. The collection includes:

  • Covers and interior pages for vintage passports from France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • A replica British telegram blank
  • A 1923 European Souvenir calendar
  • Authentic placecards for a dinner seating on the Orient Express
  • A dinner menu for the Orient Express
  • A replica ticket for the Orient Express

The collection includes 17 multi-page PDF files with instructions for making your own high-quality prop documents. The files are delivered electronically via digital download.

Please Note: this collection does NOT contain all of the props from the Horror on the Orient Express campaign. This is a subset of props for which Chaosium asked us to be involved.

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