El Profundo Mayan Replica

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The year after the discovery of the Mayan ruins of El Caracol in British Honduras in 1938, a team from Miskatonic University visited the site. In addition to excavating a number of interesting artifacts, the team made a casting from a stela with a carving of a very unusual figure referred to by the local guide as "El Profundo" accompanied by Mayan hieroglyphics.

Our replica of El Profundo is cast in durable hydrocal and hand-finished to capture the look and feel of the original limestone of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in Belize where the El Caracol site is located. El Profundo can be a prop in a LARP game or a cool piece of Lovecraftiana for your home, office or tomb. The back side has a hook to make it easy to hang on your wall. And of course El Profundo comes in the kind of interesting packaging you've come to expect from the HPLHS. Need something more portable? Special thanks to Jorge Roberto Ogdon Aquino and La Nueva Logia del Tentáculo.

Approximate Dimensions
Height: 5.5" - 2.5 cm
Width: 5.5" - 13.9 cm
Depth: 1" -13.9 cm
Weight: 1lb. 9oz. - 708 g

Customer Reviews

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Another Great Prop For My Collection

The plaque is a lot larger than it looks in the picture, and looks the part, as though salvaged from some Mayan expedition (where the team were driven near insane by distant piping echoing from the ripe, fecund moistness of the deep jungle and so forth).

It is equipped to be hung on a wall, which is good because the bottom right-hand corner is missing. Was the casting damaged in transit, or was the original from which it was taken defaced in a desperate attempt to quiet the damnable piping that seemed to come from nowhere and yet everywhere at once?

The plaque will arrive packed in straw, in a box with a label establishing provenance and declaring it to be property of Miskatonic University, and bearing a date of 1939.

The missing corner is a bit of a bugger, as I had hoped to mount it on a small wooden stand in my Mythos Artifact Collection nook. I found myself wondering why those flute-maddened Mayan priests couldn't have chipped off an upper corner.

Well worth the cost of acquisition, be it for display, prop use in a Cosmic Horror game or for use as a focus for deep study, always aware of the danger of falling into aberrant mental states by doing so.

Must dash, the pipes, the pipes are calling!

Jeremy L

What an amazing prop! I am very pleased with this piece here, it's solid, has hardware on it so you can hang it up on a wall. Mines between my HPLHS membership and my Woodland Rites art.

The Deep One

I just ordered this plaque, along with various other bits and pieces of Lovecraftiana. This was my first order from the HPLHS in over a decade, and I was delighted to find them still going strong and offering an ever- expanding range of cool stuff. As with my previous orders, it all went very smoothly - transatlantic delivery in a mere four days, and with no nasty import tax either (a very pleasant surprise!), and I'm really pleased with the quality and very reasonable prices of everything I bought. As anyone will gather from reading the many reviews here, all HPLHS merchandise is a real labour of love, designed, manufactured and packaged to the highest standards. I've never been disappointed, and I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon, now I have the bug again.

Very cool

This actually feels like the real deal. I have had several people complement on it’s authenticity.

Worth a Hoard of Savage Knick Knacks

An exquisite work of craftsmanship that definitely looks like a hunk of limestone recovered from an archaeological site. Some of the more interesting examples of Mythos inspired artwork, in my humble opinion, are the ones which ably illicit the impression that the piece is a relic from some ancient civilization. Its always a plus when artists can not only make the piece seem like it comes from some remote period of history, but can deftly depict various figure's in Lovecraft's Mythos in the disparate art styles of various cultures, and this is an admirable specimen of that kind of design.