Down Darker Trails

Down Darker Trails

$ 44.95

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Call of Cthulhu Meets the Wild West

This sourcebook makes it easy to bring your Call of Cthulhu® role playing games into the a Wild West setting. Cowboys and Native Americans, gold miners and ranchers, gunslingers and train robbers collide with the dark forces of the mythos in this great sourcebook.

The Mythos manifests in the Old West, your investigators must take to the wilds that make up the lawless lands and fight back against the ancient and unknown evil that haunts the prairie. While the core rules support play with classic Call of Cthulhu, additional rules for Pulp Cthulhu allow you to swing into the line-quipping, guns-blazing action with new enemies, new talents, and new character options!

Captured in text and image is the history of the Old West: famous individuals, playing American Indian heroes, notable places and sites, as well as inspiration and guidance on bringing the terrors and mysteries of the Great Old Ones into your games.

The supplement comes with two lavishly described towns to use as settings in your games, plus the scenarios "Scanlon's Daughter" and "Something from Down There". Saddle up your horse, load your six shooter and hope you make your SAN rolls!

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