HPLHS Prop Collection - Vol. 3

HPLHS Prop Collection - Vol. 3

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In The Call of Cthulhu, Professor Angell leaves a box full of weird articles and newspaper clippings regarding the Cthulhu Cult. Our Prop Master was not content to "dummy up" a few articles and mastheads... oh no. Not him. Instead the film features a collection of 125 unique props, some fabricated from scratch, many recreations of real articles and news stories from historic sources. You cand bring extra fun to your gaming (or other vintage document collecting) with this amazing ensemble of documents.

Relive the entire experience of The Call of Cthulhu through its props. You can pick and choose or even print up the entire collection, provided here as PDF documents. Each comes with easy instructions for making it yourself. The clippings are in a variety of languages, and many are genuinely weird (and a couple are humorous). Prepare to be amazed and disturbed by the level of detail that went into these documents.

The prop software in the HPLHS Collection is protected by copyright and remains the exclusive property of HPLHS Inc. The HPLHS Prop Documents are for entertainment purposes only. They are intended for personal use in role-playing games, and users are free to customize and print copies for such purposes. Any commercial or illegal use of the digital files or the props you can make with them is entirely prohibited.

cclogo The PDFs are copyrighted by HPLHS Inc. and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, click this link.

We recommend purchasing this item from a computer rather than from a tablet or phone.

Digital Download includes PDF files to make all these props (real box, bas relief, journal, portfolio, etc... not included)

Included are PDFs of:

  • Wilcox's 26-page illustrated dream journal
  • Wilcox's visiting card
  • Professor Angell's handwritten 14-page account of his experiences with Wilcox, Webb, and Legrasse
  • Professor Angell's research notes on the Cthulhu Cult
  • Professor Angell's desk calendar page from March of 1925, on which he attempted to correlate many strange occurences
  • Authentic covers and articles from occult magazines of the 1920s with relevance to the Cthulhu Cult, including The Theosophist, Occult Press Review, Reason, and The Kalpaka
  • 61 highly detailed and authentic vintage newspaper clippings reporting strange events worldwide, some including Angell's handwritten notes
  • Legrasse's handwritten 12-page account of his experience with the swamp cult
  • Johansen's merchant marine identity card
  • Johansen's handwritten 25-page diary account of his experience in R'lyeh, written in highly authentic Sutterlin script (hard to read)
  • A large-format and highly detailed nautical chart showing the exact location of R'lyeh
  • A page from the Sydney Bulletin featuring Lovecraft's own newspaper article about the Emma, the Alert, and the Cthulhu Idol

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