Certificates of Insanity

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Sure, we all know people who are "certifiably insane" but isn't it about time we were actually able to certify these loonies?

The HPLHS is pleased to present our Certificates of Insanity beautifully printed on a high quality frame-worthy document. We take care of customizing, printing, and shipping them direct to your favorite lunatic. You can check off the appropriate diagnoses from our robust and fascinating list of mental maladies.

Choose from the celebrated Arkham Asylum or Sefton Asylum (named in "Herbert West - Reanimator").

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Fine Print
HPLHS Certificates of Insanity are intended for amusement purposes only. Well, and maybe as a wake-up call to some people who don't know they're crazy. However, they are not legally binding (even though sometimes we wish they were) and ought not be the basis for actual confinement of any patients in a mental institution without further examination and observation by a qualified medical professional. The copious diagnoses provided by the HPLHS do not conform to currently guidelines in the DSM-IV nor are they particularly representative of typical diagnoses one sees these days. HPLHS Certificates of Insanity do not reflect the current mental state of the individual(s) who made them.

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