Deep One Summoning Stones

Deep One Summoning Stones

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Art, Artifact & Story - All in One

In 1921 Professor Nathaniel Ward traveled to the Caroline Islands in the South Pacific. There he witnessed a band of islanders on a remote atoll summon terrible creatures from the ocean by throwing stones marked with strange petroglyphs into the sea. He took a set of the stones and sent them to his friend Charlie Tower for safekeeping.

Our set of Deep One Summoning Stones recreates the package Ward sent from Manila to his friend in New York. Open the authentic vintage packaging from Ward's hotel and read his sixteen page hand-written letter describing his adventure on the island, with four additional pages of drawings. Cut open the cloth pouch and see for yourself the engraved ceremonial stones which the islanders used to summon creatures from the deep. Will you be able to keep them safe if the Deep Ones come and want them back?

The Deep One Summoning Stones is a story experienced through completely realistic props. Put yourself in the shoes of a 1920s mythos investigator, opening a package from a remote corner of the world, reading the harrowing tale. The packaging authentically recreates a mailed shipment from the Philippines to New York. The letter, on vintage-style airmail stationery, recounts a thoroughly Lovecraftian adventure story. The drawings, by noted creature illustrator Darrell Tutchton, add to the atmosphere and realism. The cloth pouch contains a set of five stones etched (not painted or drawn on) with occult glyphs. Exploring this product is like living through a Lovecraft story from the comfort of your living room (or padded cell).

It's a story! It's a game! It's a treat for LARP gamers, collectors or H.P. Lovecraft fan.

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