The Angell Box

The Angell Box

$ 1,000.00

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The Angell Box is a highly detailed real-life version of the box of occult papers and artifacts left behind by Professor George Gammell Angell in the story "The Call of Cthulhu." Our box contains the Wilcox bas relief, along with highly detailed replicas of key prop documents from the movie and other documents as described in (or implied by) Lovecraft's text. All the documents are carefully handmade by our prop slaves to appear as genuine as possible, with many being replicas of entirely real documents, all packaged in a hand-distressed, lockable metal box. The story comes to life in your very hands: it's Lovecraft's tale told in the form of props!

13.5 x 10.5 x 6 in. 10lbs. 200+ pages of text and images.

The law prohibits us from giving you a real dead uncle, but you will get a real distressed steel box containing (click links to see each item in detail):
    • Wilcox's bas relief (a hydrocal cast of the real movie prop)
      • Wilcox's 26-page illustrated dream journal
        • Wilcox's visiting card
          • Professor Angell's 14-page handwritten account of his experiences with Wilcox, Webb and Legrasse, along with 22 pages of research notes on the Cthulhu Cult
            • Select pieces of dream-related correspondence, including telegrams, vintage postcards, and an accurate replica of a note from a prominent Viennese dream expert
              • Professor Angell's 23-page digest of dream data collected from numerous correspondents
                • Professor Angell's desk calendar page from March of 1925 on which he attempted to correlate many strange occurrences
                  • Authentic covers and articles from real occult magazines of the 1920s with relevance to the Cthulhu Cult, including Occult Press Review and The Channel
                    • 61 highly detailed and authentic vintage newspaper clippings reporting strange events wordwide, some including Angell's handwritten notes
                      • Legrasse's handwritten 12-page account of his experience with the swamp cult
                        • Angell's copy of the program to the 1908 archeological convention where he met Legrasse, on which they sketched pictures of the statue he found in the swamp, and the idol Webb found
                          • Johansen's merchant marine identity card
                        • Johansen's handwritten 25-page diary account of his experience in R'lyeh, written in highly authentic Sutterlin script (and therefore challenging to read)
                          • A large-format and highly detailed nautical chart showing the exact location of R'lyeh
                            • A page from the Sydney Bulletin, authentically replicating the real publication, featuring Lovecraft's own newspaper article about the Emma, the Alert and the Cthulhu idol

                            "What?" we hear you ask, "one thousand dollars? Can it possibly be worth it?" Read our Customer Reviews to see what the real people who own this work of art think.

                            PLEASE NOTE: Angell Boxes are made by hand when they are ordered, and they cannot usually be shipped immediately. They usually take one to two weeks to prepare.

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