Sanity Coin

Sanity Coin

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Sanity/Madness - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Teetering on the brink of madness and don't know which way to go? Need to resolve a gaming SAN roll in a hurry? The HPLHS is here to save the day with our Sanity Coin. This wondrous device is a traditional clay coin, both larger and heavier than a US silver dollar - it's made by a manufacturer of high-end poker chips. It's illustrated on one side with "Sanity" and the calm and healing visage of Aesculapius, while the other side says "Madness" and features the crazed maniae - the Ancient Greek personifications of insanity.

Toss it to help make a decision, use it as a Challenge Coin, really it's up to you. We're just interested in preserving the vestiges of your mental health. Why did we make these? Maybe we're just crazy.

Coin is 1 7/8 inches in diameter. Packaged in a jewelry box so you can give the gift of mental health.

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