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More Adventures in Arkham Country Props

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The HPLHS is pleased to collaborate with the game artists at Miskatonic River Press to bring you deluxe prop handouts for their Call of Cthulhu® role-playing book, More Adventures in Arkham Country.

This deluxe downloadable prop PDF package includes full-color versions of all the prop handouts called for by the games, plus numerous bonus documents to add to your gaming experience. Many of the props are customizable using Adobe Acrobat® form fields, and many can be used for other Lovecraftian role-playing games. Print them up right in your own home on an inkjet printer. In addition to numerous detailed and authentic newspaper clippings, book excerpts, letters, legal documents and notes, you’ll find:

  • Arkham Advertiser letterhead
  • Arkham Historical Society membership cards
  • Miskatonic Exhibit Museum admission tickets
  • Customizable vintage business cards for Miskatonic University, Tewksbury State Hospital, and the (Federal) Bureau of Investigation
  • Customizable receipts for Arkham businesses
  • An excerpt from Liber Ivonis in Latin
  • …and much more.

The collection includes 34 PDF files, totaling over 90 pages of instructions and high-quality prop documents.

Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.