DART Collector's Prop Sleeves

DART Collector's Prop Sleeves

$ 2.00

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After strange aeons of contemplation, we've finally solved the challenge of managing your Dark Adventure prop collection by providing custom sleeves with inserts for each DART title. No more trying to cram your props back into a jewel case - just slide them behind the title insert for each show and they're protected, ready and available. All sleeves include an insert with a full color rendition of the show's cover art on the front and the show's liner notes on the reverse.

We've lamented some of the folding that's been necessary to fit our props into a jewel case. Our new sleeve based storage system allows us to provide props with a bare minimum of folding. If you'd like more pristine props or wish to replace your props for a certain show, you've come to the right place. Even if you usually download the shows, now you can order up the physical props to go with it.

Check out our DART Collector's Binder (and to get a great deal on the full set of sleeves and props).

NOTE: the DART Collector's Prop Binder is NOT included with the sleeves. This page is for ordering individual sleeves either with our without props in them.


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