The Blackness of Black Friday

I think it would be a better world if folks didn't buy into the American concept of hyper-consumerism known as Black Friday. I believe Americans would be better served by going for a walk in the woods or sitting around playing a board game with their family. They'd be better served by cooking and eating together. They'd be better served to take a day to enjoy the gift of the family and friends most dear to them rather than focusing on the acquisition of gifts. Life is short - dig into it and enjoy it.

Of course, we are a small business - I mean really small, we're only 2 and 2/3 people. We make our livings by selling Lovecraftian goods to the people like you who come to our site. We love it when customers buy our stuff and we like it even better when they're so pleased with what they bought, they come back for more. So, if either necessity or your own whims lead you to shop this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyclopean Sunday or Cyber Monday, we're glad to have you visit our online boutique. Your purchases directly support the HPLHS, but they also support the various suppliers and artisans who work with us to make the weird stuff we create.

If you're reading this, you're probably here shopping already. So, we're not going to kick you out. We hope you'll prowl around and find something wonderful for someone you love (or maybe even yourself). And when you're done with online shopping, we hope you'll find someone you really like and spend a little quality time with them. It's the best kind of spending you can do.

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