The Curious Sea Shanties of Innsmouth, Mass.

The Curious Sea Shanties of Innsmouth, Mass.

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The men of Innsmouth didn't sing their sea shanties quite like other sailors. Through the scholarship of Miskatonic's own folklorist, Prof. Albert Wilmarth (Ph. D.), and musicologist Carlton J. Connolly (A. Mus. D.), these fascinating variants have come to light.

Ten years after Dr. Connolly's untimely death, the Music Department of Miskatonic University honored his work by recording the Innsmouth shanties for the first time. You'll marvel as the Miskatonic Connolly Memorial Men's Chorus performs the Innsmouth variants of: What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor, Spanish Ladies, Blow the Man Down, and many more performed in the style of New England's proud maritime tradition.

This compact disc is made in faux black vinyl and features fourteen songs, performed by professional singers and salty shantymen with traditional accompaniment. See customer reviews at the bottom of this page.


Click here to enjoy a free sample shanty of "Innsmouth Sailor". Hear other samples in the Track Listing below.

Click here to order the recording with the insightful monograph: The Curious Sea Shanty Variants of Innsmouth Mass.

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TRACK LISTING (click links for previews)
Innsmouth Sailor Old Captain Obed
Leave Her Johnny Undying Ladies
Sails Out of Innsmouth Blow the Man Down
Kanaky Innsmouth Girls
Paddy Lay Back Haul 'em Below
Whup Jamboree Pump Shanty
Innsmouth Town Devil Reef Chanty - 1917


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