Nansen Passports for Role Playing Games

Nansen Passports for Role Playing Games

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Our celebrated Gamer Prop Set for Masks of Nyarlathotep includes a set of Nansen Passports for players to use on their globe-trotting adventure. Now Keepers can get more - either one at a time or in a set of six. Each Passport comes with a sheet of adhesive visa decals and three passport stamps (indicating that players have paid the requisite fees to enter the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom). 

Named for famed polar explorer and statesman Fridtjof Nansen, these travel documents were issued by the League of Nations from 1922 to 1938, in response to the refugee crisis following WWI in which huge numbers of people were rendered stateless. You can learn more about them here. We took a little license with the design, and our version is a little fancier than most real ones were, and is partly based on other standard passport designs of the period. Keepers can encourage their players to include a photo of their characters, and enter their personal description in the appropriate spaces on page 3. The "notes" page in the back can be used to jot down important character skills, hit points, sanity level, etc., or any other data that's important to remember. The visa pages should be stamped by the Keeper as the character makes his/her way into and/or out of various countries.

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