McKittrick Cthulhu Idol

McKittrick Cthulhu Idol

$ 175.00

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A Monstrous Idol

Many talented sculptors have taken on the challenge of sculpting Cthulhu. Jason McKittrick, a long time creator of mythos art pieces, is offering a new rending of the celebrated idol from the story "The Call of Cthulhu". This version is familiar and true to the story in all the right ways but also brings a strange new aesthetic to our old squid-faced friend.

This idol is approximately eight inches tall, by four wide and four deep. Cast in polyurethane resin, it weighs a pleasing two and a half pounds. The finish is an olive green with a light brown wash over the top. Each casting is signed and dated by the artist.

All of your fellow cultists will chant their lungs out when you bring this to your next swamp ritual

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