Lovecraftian Mugs

Lovecraftian Mugs

$ 15.00

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The HPLHS has created a series of delightful Lovecraft-inspired mugs for your coffee (or other beverage) drinking pleasure. All are 16oz heavy duty ceramic mugs sporting our own unique designs.

  • "I like coffee exceedingly..." quoth HPL in a letter to J. Vernon Shea. We think you'll like your coffee even better in this mug, featuring the quote and an original potrait of H.P. Lovecraft by Darrell Tutchton.
  • Esoteric Order of Dagon Cultists drink their coffee black - like our mug.
  • The seal of Miskatonic shows that you know a thing or two about coffee and medieval metaphysics. Available in black or white.

We now offer mugs and other drinkware in our Redbubble store!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great gift

These mugs are great, and the customer service is even better!!! Thank you so much HPLHS!!

Perfect gift

This was the perfect gift for my son, who loves Lovecraft. Very pleased with the mug.

Jeremy L
Keeps the coffee warm.

This little dude keeps my coffee warm and safe while I preform my rituals to the eldritch horrors on and beyond this world.

Brandon Stein
Great Quality Mug!

I was very pleased by the size and quality of the mug! I got the EOD Cult Mug and I couldn't be more happy with it! The design is clear and top tier. I do wish the design was on both sides of the mug, but overall very satisfied!

Out of this world

A solid mug for any and all beverage related occasions, be it the coffee drunk before commencing a day's work, or the blood of an innocent taken on a May Eve. I sip my daily tea from this vessel, the Esoteric Order of Dagon variety. While the honourable Deep One artisans obviously designed the vessel for the convenience of larger manual appendages than a human's, which the handle makes seem small and slender in comparison, it is very comfortable to hold, even when the tea has just been poured, and thus being piping hot. It also keeps one's beverage hot for longer, and for some reason, gives it a richer flavour, and I swear, a strangely calming effect, unlike my other mugs. Perhaps it is the enamel. And perhaps not ...
The product description does not specify, but the mug is indeed dishwasher safe. Mine arrived carefully bundled up in bubble wrap, and included a dead spider courtesy of a hungry shipping Shoggoth, which, considering how close the mug arrived to tea time, was much appreciated. It will see frequent use during the upcoming Solstice season, and subsequent years, of course.