I Am Providence

I Am Providence

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The Ultimate Biography of H.P. Lovecraft

Want to get to know Lovecraft? When the crew here at the HPLHS needs to look up an obscure fact, this is where we turn. There's no more thorough and exhaustive biography than this two volume set by S.T. Joshi. He's assembled an incredibly complete picture of HPL (who largely documented his own life on an almost daily basis through his letters) and thankfully provided an exhaustive index.

S. T. Joshi s award-winning biography H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996) provided the most detailed portrait of the life, work, and thought of the dreamer from Providence ever published. But that edition was in fact abridged from Joshi s original manuscript, and this expanded and updated edition restores the 150,000 words that Joshi omitted and, in addition, updates the texts with new findings.

Tipping the scales at a massive 1200 pages, this is the ultimate Lovecraft biography. 

6x9 inches, 1200 pages, two volume paperback set.