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H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society Membership

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When the HPLHS was first formed in the 1980s, we offered members cool certificates and membership cards. After a long hiatus, the HPLHS is once again taking on members from across the globe. We now offer both Annual and Lifetime Memberships. Already a member? Membership Upgrades are also available. (Please note: upgrades are only available after six full months of annual membership.)

All members get a custom printed Membership Certificate (8"x10", suitable for framing) and a customized membership card, both of which declare your official membership in the HPLHS.

But wait, there's more!

  • All members get a 10% discount on any in-person sales from the HPLHS (when we're at conventions, film festivals, etc...)
  • Members can opt-in to a Members Only portion of the HPLHS website where they can (if they choose) share their contact info with other HPLHS members. This feature coming soon.
  • Members can collect cool HPLHS issued stamps for their membership cards, which can unlock additional benefits (see Membership Policies below)
  • The Members Only area of the HPLHS website will provide free downloads, sneak previews, and other goodies only for members of the HPLHS
  • Members will know their involvement helps support the HPLHS in its many strange ventures to promote the works of H.P. Lovecraft

Annual Memberships are valid for one year only. However, when the year is up, you can renew for just $5. If you have bought $50 or more in HPLHS products during your year of membership, you'll be eligible for a free renewal. Either way, you'll get a new sticker from us indicating your membership is valid for another year. Annual members get a nifty embossed tri-fold membership card that fits into a standard business card space in your wallet.

Lifetime Members will receive a membership certificate with a special gold foil stamp of H.P. Lovecraft. They also receive our NEW 2019 deluxe passport-style membership card. A lovely Shoggohyde™ wallet with the HPLHS name and logo stamped in gold foil contains a larger, stitched membership booklet with plenty of room for stamps. Best of all, lifetime members do not need to renew their memberships every year - instead, we mail them a new membership stamp automatically. (Please note, the "lifetime" in question is the lifetime of the HPLHS, which may or may not exceed your lifetime - for details see the link to Membership Policies below.)

Already a member? Any annual member in good standing for at least six months can upgrade their existing membership to a Lifetime Membership for just $60. If your membership has lapsed, you can still upgrade to a Lifetime Membership for $75. If you have never been a member, these special upgrades do not apply.

Renewing your membership? Our annual renewal price now includes the cost of shipping your renewal stamps to you either in the USA or elsewhere in the world.

We ask all prospective members to take a moment to read our Membership Policies here, then join the HP Lovecraft Historical Society today!

If you are currently an HPLHS member and cannot afford to renew you membership, fellow members have setup a fund for such purposes. Please email us to let us know you could use a member's helping hand.

Customer Reviews

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David A. Burke
Best value of any professional society!

Best value of any professional society! Easy to support the HPLHS.

Leo Rivers

As a counterbalance to HP Lovecraft's daunting view of an impersonal Cosmos I raised my fist at the lightning storm and purchased a Life Time membership to the HPLHS. Maybe that was a little bit Brave of me with my money because I am 74 years old. But if there's a deal out there I want to be able to get an even better deal. And the Nifty passport I will keep on my person to bewilder any federal agent that stops me and demands federally authorized ID.

Richard Campbell
Best purchase ever

Lifetime membership was the bet money spent in the store(among the many other purchases I made here), support the HPLHS so they can continue putting out great props and productions.

Tieg Thornton

Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!


Loved it!