Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - Masks of Nyarlathotep Deluxe Edition

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - Masks of Nyarlathotep Deluxe Edition

$ 249.00

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The Ultimate Masks Experience

The HPLHS has created the ultimate Masks of Nyarlathotep experience for fans of the game, fans of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®, or people who just can't get enough vintage props. We believe this is the most extraordinary prop collection ever assembled to accompany a role playing game or vintage-style radio play.

We have dramatized Chaosium's celebrated game into a stand-alone 1930s style radio drama (no gaming experience necessary). This seven-hour show is a globe spanning Lovecraftian adventure as hapless investigators attempt to thwart the machinations of the dark god Nyarlathotep and his nefarious worshippers. Our DART Deluxe edition contains the following:

  • The Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® show of Masks of Nyarlathotep, featuring a tale so massive it requires 6 CDs to hold it. You'll also get a free digital download of the show so you can listen on your phone or other device.
  • All of the prop documents from our Standard DART® edition for Masks of Nyarlathotep - you'll get the 20 great vintage documents that accompany the standard version of our show.
  • Virtually all of the prop documents from our Gamer Prop Set. Enjoy 41 more props from the story including large-format maps, newspaper clippings, photos and much more.
  • Even More Props! We designed 24 more props which are only available in this Deluxe Edition. Experience this massive story with an international collection of vintage documents (plus a few surprises) all bundled up in a special metal edged file box built to conveniently contain everything! 

Others have tried and failed to produce a collection of props for this game. Our Gamer Prop Set has been showered with accolades by critics and delighted fans. The HPLHS delivers a premium experience.

We appreciate that this is an expensive collector's item that may not be within everyone's reach. We do have some less expensive offerings in our line of Masks of Nyarlathotep products.



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Please Note: the props included with our Deluxe Edition are intended to compliment the DART® show of Masks. If you're interested in playing the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu® campaign of Masks, you might want to consider getting our Gamer Prop Add-On to go with your Deluxe Edition. Everything else you ever wanted to know about Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® is right here.



Q: If I order, when will I get it?

A: All pre-orders have now shipped out. If you order one now, it should ship out within a day or two. 

Q: Wait, isn't there some other Masks of Nyarlathotep prop project?

A: We're neither the first nor last people to make props for this great story. But we deliver on what we promise and our props are unmatched for authenticity and pure awesomeness. 

Q: Why is shipping so frickin' expensive?

A: Our DART Deluxe Edition weighs more than 4 lbs. It contains a set of 6 CDs and more than 100 props in a custom box. If we could find a way to ship it to you for less, we would. 

Q: Will my set look exactly like these photos?

A: These photos are of our working prototypes. We may make some small adjustments to some of the props as we put together more and more sets. But what you'll get will be very much like what you see here.

Q: What's the difference between this and the Gamer Prop Set?

A: There are some props that exist in both collections, but there are things that happen in the game that do not happen in the episode, and vice versa. The props in this collection are specific to events and characters that appear in the radio show, and omit things that only happen in the game. The GPS also includes many handouts for players which are not applicable here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Truly a movie for the ears!

What can I say? This was my first real radio drama and I thought I would have a hard time following it but it was so well put together I had no trouble at all. The cast of voice actors were amazing down to the background chatter. Sound effects and music were exceptional. And I loved the 1920s style commercial breaks they were hilarious.

Jeff G.
Doesn’t let down!

Ordered this a few weeks back. I was very pleased when it showed up. It was all I had hoped it would be! All of the props were top notch as I expected they would be! I did the gamer add on as well since I plan to run this at some point in the near future.

C.T. Phipps
Fantastic Pulpy Goodness

The radio play is adapted from the 7th Edition module and benefits from having a slightly-more self-aware narrative that acknowledges the racism, sexism, and imperialism of the time. It's mostly done in a cheeky and humorous style with the assumption being the characters know that colonialism and misogyny is bad. The radio drama doesn't get into politics as much as the revised module, perhaps for the best given its cheeky half-parody half-serious tone, but it's still able to diversify the cast as well as show the downside to being a non-white person or woman in the early 20th century.

Hazel Kalifan, one of the protagonists, is a real "Annie Oakley type" and does more as the central heroine to make a statement than any direct statements by the narrative. I'm also fond of her supporting cast in elderly Suffragist Victoria Woodhull, Zeke the manly adventurer who would have been the star decades ago, and Cecil the insurance investigator. The casts of characters rotates quite a bit since a good chunk of the protagonists meet their end before the final episode. This is true to the module but contributes to the audiodrama's disjointed tone.

Overall, the story is enjoyable from beginning to end but does suffer a little bit toward the end. The problem boils down to tonal imbalance and mood whiplash. Basically, the story can't quite decide if it's a rollicking Pulp adventure or a somber horror story that not everyone is expected to live through. Still, it's a a lot of fun.

Shannon Mac
MY GRADE: A minus.

From the famous CoC module. Great fun.

A truly epic DART

The chances I'll ever get to experience Masks of Nyarlathotep for myself are slim to none. Accordingly, when this mega DART was announced, I saved my pennies for the deluxe edition so as to have the best possible DART take on this epic. It did not disappoint at all. The story is well worked into the DART format, with the extra pleasure of there being a "Choose Your Own Adventure" aspect to it. As always, the supporting prop documents are top notch. This is a truly epic DART!