Cthulhu Umbrella

Cthulhu Umbrella

$ 99.00

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Rainy in R'lyeh

As our customers know, we're very particular about the Lovecraftian items we sell. We only want the most interesting products of the highest quality. So we're very excited to bring you the Cthulhu Umbrella by Vermillion Collection. 

This is one of those things you didn't know you need. Heck, we live in Los Angeles where it never rains and we want one. This is an old-school heavy duty umbrella - the sort a Victorian gentleman might carry on a stroll through Regents Park, purchased from a mad haberdasher on a street that's impossible to find. What makes it so special?

  • The silhouette of Cthulhu is subtly printed on the canopy as if he has risen from R'lyeh and is watching us from the shadows. A flash of lightning reveals him in startling contrast.
  • The gilded handle features Great Cthulhu rendered from an erosion resistant zinc alloy that will not easily tarnish. It's a first-rate sculpture, from the tentacles to the wingtips.
  • The shaft is made of solid wood, which is more durable and graceful than typical metal shafts. The streamlined grip is etched with Cthulhu’s unpronounceable name. 
  • One of the end tips is subtly molded into the shape of a tentacle adding another graceful touch of panache. The wrap popper is stamped with the fabled glyph from the Simon Necronomicon. 

In all likelihood, not only will this be the coolest umbrella in your collection, it will also be the best one.

Please note, we have raised the price on these due to shipping surcharges we incur when shipping them due to their unusual shape.

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