HPLHS Prop Collection - Vol. 1

HPLHS Prop Collection - Vol. 1

$ 20.00

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This download contains 80 Adobe Acrobat PDF files, from which you can make about 100 different authentically-styled 1920s/'30s vintage props for role-playing games. Each PDF contains the prop(s) plus complete instructions for printing and finishing. Many can be customized using Adobe Acrobat form fields. It's an incredible value and tons of fun.

The prop software in the HPLHS Collection is protected by copyright and remains the exclusive property of HPLHS Inc. The HPLHS Prop Documents are for entertainment purposes only. They are intended for personal use in role-playing games, and users are free to customize and print copies for such purposes. Any commercial or illegal use of the digital files or the props you can make with them is entirely prohibited.

cclogo The PDFs are copyrighted by HPLHS Inc. and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, click this link.

Props include:

 1937 US passport 1920s British passport International visas
Cult ID card NY driver license London driver license
Chicago driver license Press passes Prohibition whiskey prescription
NRA membership card Union membership card Arkham newspaper
Burial permit Ast'd. Miskatonic diplomas Miskatonic course book
Miskatonic student ID Matchbooks from Arkham/Innsmouth
Pulp magazine covers
Arkham bank checkbook Arkham bank paperwork Life insurance policy
Train ticket Steamship ticket Bus ticket
Airplane ticket Zeppelin ticket Arkham streetcar transfers
Luggage tags Telegrams Mass. hunting license
Asylum paperwork Russian secret police ID card Arkham police paperwork
Stock certificates US Military ID cards US Military paperwork


Professional film and theatre propmasters interested in the collection should write us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: the prop documents are provided as Acrobat PDFs, and are intended to be modified only within Acrobat using form fields. Due to the large number of third-party proprietary fonts and embedded images in the documents themselves, and the innumerable permutations of system software, design applications, etc., attempting to open the documents outside of Acrobat leads to unexpected and usually deleterious results. Many of the props have customizable form fields built in, but some of the props are not intended for modification. The prop newspaper clipping, for example, cannot be edited using form fields. The PDFs are password-protected and cannot be opened in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any program other than Adobe Acrobat.

NOTE: These HPLHS props are for entertainment purposes only. They are ©2008 by HPLHS. All rights are reserved. In purchasing the download, you buy a license to print copies of the props for your own personal use in role-playing games. No other permission is granted, and any commercial or illegal use of the digital files or the props you can make with them is entirely prohibited.

Customer Reviews

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B. Charles Sullivan

These gorgeous prop documents add so much to the game experience, the players actually think I'm a decent Keeper!
Thank you HPLHS for helping me fake it so well!!


The best props I'd ask and from you guys everything is successfully guardanted! I'm using the props for my roleplays and home decorations in my H.P.L. room and they're totally amazing

Some of the best props I’ve seen

I got this pack to liven up our game, and I gotta say, they are above exceptional. The quality is incredible and with a little effort I managed to make them look almost authentic. I’ve had so mich fun owrking on them, I sorta wanna just make them all just for myself! A must have if you want your games on the next level.

Perfect for Gaming, Art and More…

The HPLHS make it seem so easy. These props are wonderfully designed and presented with clear, easy-to-understand instructions. These props can be used for Call of Cthulhu game sessions, for role play, or for making fun, personalized pieces of art and/or presents thanks to the ability to edit them in Adobe.

Mariano Brito Gomez

Great work. Thank you!