HPLHS Fonts (Single User Personal License)

HPLHS Fonts (Single User Personal License)

$ 50.00

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On the endless and insane quest for authenticity, we have created more than 50 custom fonts to use in props. Typographical fashions change, and since the digital age overtook typesetting and graphic design, many of the fonts common in the time of Lovecraft have fallen into disuse. We've revived many of them from vintage sources, including the 1923 American Type Founder's specimen book and the Mergenthaler Linotype catalog from the mid-1930s. Many of these fonts have slightly rough edges or irregular shapes, to capture the feel of old lead type and bygone printing technologies. One pair of fonts replicates H. P. Lovecraft's own handwriting, as seen in his correspondence.

License the entire collection for only $50: that's less than a buck a font! The download features the fonts in Opentype format for easy use on PCs or Macs.

PLEASE NOTE: this special $50 license is for one user only, for personal use only. This license does not cover multiple users or extended professional use, which is available but must be licensed separately. Our trusted colleagues at Font Brothers can provide you with additional information about extended licensing. A number of these fonts have been updated and improved, and these versions are available individually. For multi-user/professional licensing please go to Font Bros.

Use of these fonts is controlled by the terms of the license. Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.

Customer Reviews

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Kim White
Must-Have for props makers

I love making prop documents, and Andrew Leman’s font collection is superb value and indispensable for getting “ the look” I want. Especially replicating newspapers.
There are 1-2 which are not working on my system; this is because Adobe is bringing in new protocols, I believe, but Andrew is working on updates to make the fonts work with the new standards. This is a good example of HPLHS’s high quality standards - they stand by their products and update them if needed.
I highly recommend the Font Pack, it’s worth every cent.

Randy Block
Font Fun

I was always a bit envious of the fonts used by HPLS.

Sometimes unique fonts don't always keep their original form when vired by the addressee.
So I jumped at the chance to download them to my MacBook Air.
I have yet to try this out in an email.
But I am having a blast creating documents in Word and PowerPoint.
"It's just fun": (Peter O'Toole's character quote about movie making from the 1982 film "My Favorite Year")

Makes stock fonts look lazy

Great value. All the HPLHS fonts...

Most Welcome

Having downloaded a selection of HPLHS digital handouts and paperwork, it came to me I might want to embellish, so the font pack was a most welcome tool to that end.


I am just writing to say "Awesome" and "Thank You" for the excellent fonts and props collection. I did not hesitate to purchase the full download.

Free versions are indeed cool, but people should get paid in order to be able to continue their fine work...

All the best - and keep it up...