HPLHS Font and Prop Combo

HPLHS Font and Prop Combo

$ 60.00

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This digital collection features more than 50 custom historical fonts (see below for some samples). More than 80 beautifully rendered digital props, yours to customize (in many cases) and print using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, and assemble according to provided directions. All collected in one preposterously affordable bundle. The full contents of the HPLHS Font and Prop collections are available as one great collection of digital files.

The collection includes includes OpenType fonts, suitable for use on Macs or PCs. Props work great with either type of computer. Please note that the props included in this collection are the same as those in the HPLHS Prop Collection Vol. 1.

We used to offer this collection on CD. It is now ONLY available as a digital download. NOTE: we recommend you purchase this download from a computer rather than from a tablet or phone.

Please note: The use of the fonts is governed by a license agreement. Please read the Font License Agreement before purchasing. The license is for a single user for personal uses only. Extended/professional licensing is available, but must be purchased separately.

Please note: The prop documents are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-Share Alike license. They are provided as Acrobat PDFs, and are intended to be modified only within Acrobat using form fields. Due to the large number of third-party proprietary fonts and embedded images in the documents themselves, and the innumerable permutations of system software, design applications, etc., attempting to open the documents outside of Acrobat leads to unexpected and usually deleterious results. Many of the props have customizable form fields built in, but some of the props are not intended for modification.

NOTE: These HPLHS props are for entertainment purposes only. They are ©2008 by HPLHS. All rights are reserved. In purchasing the download, you buy a license to print copies of the props for your own personal use in role-playing games. No other permission is granted, and any commercial or illegal use of the digital files or the props you can make with them is entirely prohibited.

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