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Call of Cthulhu Classic Gamer Prop Set

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Great Props Make for Great Gaming

To celebrate Call of Cthulhu's® 40th anniversary, our friends at Chaosium® have republished Call of Cthulhu Classic: a boxed set featuring some classic supplements from the game's early days. We've taken those scenarios and created a collection of deluxe, ultra-realistic props for all of the scenarios. Our set includes all 94 props named in the supplements, plus a whole bunch more!

These props go with the supplements reprinted as part of the Call of Cthulhu Classic set, which includes the original Call of Cthulhu RulebookThe Cthulhu Companion, Fragments of Fear, The Asylum & Other Tales, Trail of Tsathoggua, and Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. 

What does our Gamer Prop Set contain? 

  • A sixteen-page broadsheet newspaper containing 45 different newspaper clippings, printed on real newsprint, complete with fronts and backs, Easter eggs and bonus material
  • Large format maps, a nautical chart and other large items
  • Scads of handwritten letters, diaries and notes
  • Brochures & Photos
  • Police and other legal forms
  • Pages from horrifying books
  • and much more!

All told, you get 124 individual props in this set, all organized into handy folders with complete instructions.

The HPLHS' Gamer Prop Set for Masks of Nyarlathotep was celebrated with an Ennie Award for Product of the Year at Gen Con. See why gamers everywhere go bonkers for these amazingly detailed and super-realistic props. 

Our prop set does NOT include Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Classic game books. You'll want that if you're going to play these scenarios. But hey, if you just want a set of great vintage documents about bizarre Lovecraftian events, you can enjoy our props all by themselves. 

ENNIE Award Winner The Ennies are the most prestigious awards in the world of table top gaming, awarded at the Gen Con convention in Indianapolis. The HPLHS is honored to have won the Gold Ennies for Best Production Values and Best Aid/Accessory Non-Digital. It won the Silver Ennie for Product of the Year out of more than 700 products. 

Customer Reviews

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Edward Green
A Sheer Boon for Analog Gaming Classic CoC

This prop-set in addition to the 40th anniversary box-set makes and amazingly immersive CoC game collection. It is a surprise to no one that HP Lovecraft Historical Society creates fantastic props. The quality is second to none and really drives up the investigations of dozens of investigations. There is years worth of amazing gaming props in this collection. Highly recommended for those who game in analog!


This is a great prop set! I bought this along with their campaign setand can’t wait to run the campaign!!! The props really add another level of immersion to the story telling!


Utterly wonderful.

Absolutely Blown Away

I just wanted to say that my Classic Prop Set has just arrived.

Two things: Firstly, the fact that I ordered it late last week, and it turned up at my house here in London is exceptionally fast. I routinely have to wait longer for products I order in Britain. Between your dispatchers (bearing in mind I also had to ask for my delivery address to be changed) and your choice of carriers - you’re doing an amazing job.

Secondly, I’ve cracked open the box to look at the props, and I’m absolutely blown away with the quality of your product. I’ve simply never seen anything like it (and I’ve been running Call of Cthulhu games for a few decades). I’m kicking myself for having never picked up any of your stuff before.

I’m not a naturally effusive person (I mean; I'm English!). But I just wanted to tell you how very impressed and happy I am to have done business with you. I will be vigorously recommending you to friends, and will very certainly be shopping with you again.

Sincerely - well done and thank you!

Pink Dalek
Another spectacular product

I already have the Masks prop pack, so I eagerly anticipated what sorts of treats and treasures would be in this box and i was not disappointed.
this is another spectacular product from the fevered minds at the HPLHS. so much thought and care, with an attention to detail and fresh creativity has gone into all of these documents ... each of which fills adventures with texture, colour and a hands on experience.

i desperately hope to see many more of these prop packs released... as each one adds so much realism and depth to a game and i would happily invest in every game pack.

I live in the UK and the little cultists have taken over the postal service here ...and they want a new cappuccino machine - so they charge a heavy toll on their work.
(shrugs) i dont care... s'worth every penny.... and then some more!

now take my munny and announce the next box of delights!