Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera

Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera

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NOTE: We're sorry to announce the vinyl LP of Dreams in the Witch House is SOLD OUT - CDs are still available

Lovecraft's 1933 tale of a student whose dreams devolve into a horrific reality receives the biggest, baddest, boldest adaptation yet. Platform Studios, Polar Studios and the HP Lovecraft Historical Society joined forces to produce a rock opera concept album that will knock your socks off!

College student Walter Gilman takes up residence as a boarder in Arkham's legend haunted witch house. His room is where the 17th century accused witch, Keziah Mason once dwelt. Walter's studies of advanced mathematics and the intense dreams he experiences in the house lead him to a world where reality and nightmare merge. Has Keziah Mason returned with her demonic rat-like familiar Brown Jenkin, or are Walter's studies into extra-dimensional mathematics pushing him over the brink into a world of mind wrenching horrors?

This intercontinental collaboration joins producers Chris Laney, bamboosway, RingMan and Lennart Östlund with the HPLHS. The production's sixteen tracks feature seventeen singers, including Jody Ashworth (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Alaine Kashian (Broadway's Cats) and Swedish metal phenom Chris Laney as Brown Jenkin. The album features fourteen musicians, including Bruce Kulick (former KISS guitarist) and Douglas Blair Lucek (guitarist for W.A.S.P.) shredding on guitar. For more information and sample tracks from the album, click here.

This double disc gatefold album features two 180g. custom-made violet LP discs and spectacular large format cover art by Carlos Garcia Rivera and noted fantasy illustrator Keith Thompson. You'll even get the concept album on CD as part of the package. It's an extraordinary Lovecraftian musical event and an extraordinary collector's piece too!

The total running time for the LPs is 1:05:36.


The Dreams in the Witch House double LP is a 180-gram album, which is heavier than most records, and features a wide sonic range. It sounds best on a high-end turntable with a weighted/calibrated tone arm. Lower-end record players are sometimes not able to handle the deep grooves of the albums, which can result in skipping and/or popping, and the built-in speakers cannot fully reproduce the full dynamic range of the music. High-quality turntables and speaker systems will produce excellent audio from the Dreams in the Witch House LPs. Customers with lower-end turntables may have a better experience with the CD version.

Customer Reviews

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John Rickerson
Great production!

I've long been a rock opera fan and this production is impressive. Music is impactful, lyrics and dialogue capture the story and the atmosphere pulls you right into the story. Loved it and will be playing this regularly. I only wish the companion CD was still available (as well as the vinyl - arrived too late for that opportunity unfortunately).

Patrick Rabon
A unique take on "The Dreams in the Witch House"

"The Dreams in the Witch House" is one of my favorite stories, and I enjoy how the narrative is adapted here and how the music compliments the narrative.

C. Massago
Lovecraft Rocks

I’m a diehard hard rock/ Metal head. And to hear the simples. I had to buy in the full album. I really can’t wait to listen to it fully. When it comes in.

Geoff Barrall
Story and Music in Perfect Harmony!

Prior to buying my question was "does it tell the story or is to just music inspired by...". Happy to report it tells the story (modified for the medium) really well. While the music is from a range of artists it all fits together perfectly and doesn't sound disconnected at all. Just sorry I missed out on the vinyl version.

Professor Rover M. Wolf
As the Phantom of the Opera once sung to his dearest Christine, "Brava, brava, bravissima..."

This was not an Andrew Lloyd Webber variety of rock opera.  Even so, it was nevertheless a rather ambitious pursuit of a somewhat challenging subject which did indeed result here in a truly inspired performance and recording of a genuinely superb production.  When I was in music school, it was all about Mediaeval organum, Renaissance polyphony, Baroque counterpoint, Classical sonata-allegro, Romantic programme music, and 20th Century polytonality (popularly experimental during the 1920s, actually...) in the classroom with a lot of stage time performing chamber ensemble, symphonic band, and jazz literature on my trombone as well as operas, operettas, and musicals with my bass-baritone voice.  Yet, in my private life during those collegiate years of intense study and rehearsals, I was heavily introduced to the various sub-genres of rock which were boisterously in vogue throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  Therefore, away from my academics, I was quickly learning about the dramatic as well as sonic potentials for such electrified bands from these decades to effectively capture emotional moments and express quite a wide field of passions - ultimately, experiencing proof of their capacities to be theatrical.  This Lovecraftian rock opera very much brings me back to the nostalgia of those formative years at university, finding legitimate as well as musical theatre through rock and roll for the very first time.  Truly, this H.P.L.H.S. concept album emerges as a proper nod to its source.