An Abhorrent and Ancient Solstice

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"I love your solstice carols - I want to download them for my iThingy!"

We've heard your pleas and we're happy to announce at long last we have a collection of Solstice Carols available as a digital download.

An Abhorrent & Ancient Solstice amasses twenty four tracks hand-picked from our Very Scary Solstice and Even Scarier Solstice CDs and joins them all together in one convenient digital download. Lovecraftian monsters and themes of madness and despair merge artfully with favorite holiday songs.

You get twenty-four tunes featuring professional singers (and some enthusiastic amateurs), beautifully arranged and orchestrated for your listening pleasure. See the full list of tracks below. The songs are all high-quality MP3s, ready to be fed to virtually any modern music device.

NOTE: These are not new Solstice Carols. If you have A Very Scary Solstice and An Even Scarier Solstice, there is no need for you to buy this product. This is intended for folks who don't want physical discs and who cannot abide beautifully produced songbooks filled with lyrics, sheet music, and delightful annotations about Lovecraft and the holiday season.

SECOND NOTE: we do not recommend purchasing this product via phone or tablet. You'll have an easier time if you make your purchase from a computer and download your songs to it. You can then sync your phone/pad/pod to it and take your music with you.


Solstice Carols
full songs - our gift to everyone
The Carol of the Olde Ones
MP3 Samples
tidbits to whet your appetite
Oh Cthulhu Chorus
Awake Ye Scary Great Old Ones
Cthulhu Lives
And More!
too intense for free distribution
Dance the Cultists
Demon Sultan Azathoth
Mi-Go We Have Heard on High
Mythos of a King
Oh Come All Ye Olde Ones
Silent Night, Blasphemous Night
Away in a Madhouse
The World in Terror and Madness Lies
Death to the World
Silent Night, Blasphemous Night
What Thing Is This?
Hail Great Old Ones
A Brumalian Wish
Look Professor Angell Brings
Death May Die
The Festival
The Worst Hotel
Unholy Night
We Three Friends of HPL Are
Go Summon Up the Dead Ones

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thank you so much

I had bought the cds with all the trimmings a few years ago, but they have since been misplaced in a move. So thank you for having this available as a digital download. It'll be the only thing keeping me from going mad during the repetitiveness of the holiday season.

The King in Yellow
Unspeakably good

This is without a doubt one of my favourite downloads from the more than talented DART team. Throughly enjoyable at any time of year and maddeningly catchy. It has become not only a solstice tradition but a regularly listened to album in its own right. You should be saying "I Has tur get this for myself right now".