Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Black Stone

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® - The Black Stone

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"What nameless shapes may even now lurk in the dark places of the world? "

Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® presents Robert E. Howard's tale of horrors in Eastern Europe in a 1930s-style radio drama. The story bounds to life with a cast of nineteen professional actors, thrilling sound effects and an original orchestral score by Troy Sterling Nies. Click here for more information about our other Lovecraft stories in the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® series. They're like movies you can enjoy with your eyes closed.

Charlie Tower seeks refuge from the horrors of the Great War in Berlin's most notorious nightclubs. There a chain of events is set in motion that will lead him across Europe to investigate the mysterious Black Stone. Is it merely a creation of superstitious peasants, or is it a nexus for hideous gods of the ancient world to set foot into ours? 

The CD edition will feature the 75 minute audio show plus a collection of props to enhance your listening experience.

  • a newspaper clipping about the strange poet Justin Geoffrey
  • a map of the ever-changing landscape of Eastern Europe
  • a photo of a medieval Turkish manuscript and ancient idol
  • a postcard from Heaven & Hell
All of these great extras will be complemented by the fantastic artwork of illustrator Darrell Tutchton in the style you've come to know and love from other episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®Everything else you ever wanted to know about Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® is right here.

We now also offer the golden Amulet of Tsathoggua and last testament of Selim Bahadur as very special props!
This adaptation of "The Black Stone" is the WINNER of the 2023 Costigan Award for Literary Achievement from the Robert E. Howard Foundation.

The cover art, which was nominated for a Rankin Award for Artistic Achievement by the REH Foundation, is available on shirts and other fun stuff in our Redbubble store!

Robert E. Howard was  the creator of Conan the Barbarian and countless other tales from the golden era of pulp fiction. He was a friend and admirer of H.P. Lovecraft, and while most of his stories were in other genres, Howard wrote a few great tales of supernatural horror. We're delighted to present this story through a special arrangement with Robert E. Howard Properties, LLC.

Like all other Dark Adventure shows, the CD version of the Black Stone comes with a free download of the audio. So if you get a link to download the audio, don't worry, we'll still ship you your CD and props!.

Content Warning: "The Black Stone" features a scene that's a bit more violent and horrible than what one usually hears in Dark Adventure Radio Theatre®. If you're sensitive to such things, this episode might not be for you. 

We also wish to clarify that the Black Stone referred to in this show has nothing to do with Islam's Black Stone at the Kaaba in Mecca.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ellen Fitzsimmons
Great gift!

My dad is a big Lovecraft fan and any dark adventure radio theatre with props is always a good gift for him. He loves listening, reading the props, and collecting the different stories. For Black Stone specifically, he says, "It is a first rate production".

Geoff Barrall
Another winner

I thought I owned all of the DART productions but somehow had missed this one. Purchased, downloaded and listened immediately. Another well acted and engaging classic. I can't recommend these highly enough.

Timothy G. King
A review of the Blackstone

For over 50 years I have been a hard core fan Robert E. Howard and so I had high expectations of
this performance. And again DART did not disappoint. I got lost in the story and was in another world
for75 minutes( plus I enjoy the sponsor adds). I have yet to be disappointed in Dark Adventure stories
and will continue to enjoy.

Tremendous fun

This was great fun. A worthy adaptation of a Howard classic. I hope this is the first of many.

The cast did an incredible job learning some Hungarian! It sounds like you had one or two native speakers there to help. It's a tough language, and it was fun to hear so much of it here.

Hozz pálinkát!

Roger Schumacher
A different style of Story

The Black Stone is told in a different format from the other stories in Dark Adventure Radio Theater. There's more a narration feel than just a straight drama. Still, the telling of this story is well done. We get to know Charlie Tower much more in depth than in any other piece (ex. Whisperer in Darkness movie). We learn how he's brought in to follow the narrative and learn what he finds out in the distant hills of a forgotten time. Enjoyed this one and another solid entry in the series of radio plays.