Miskatonic Literary Society - Volume 1

Miskatonic Literary Society - Volume 1

$ 125.00

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For the Discerning Reader of Weird Literature

Join the Miskatonic Literary Society and you'll receive a beautiful edition of a classic weird tale carefully selected by Garrison Matthis, Ph.D., Chairman of the English Department at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Mass. For the Society's inaugural year, Dr. Matthis and his Executive Committee have chosen the stories:

  • "What Was It?" by Fitz James O'Brien (shipping December 15, 2022) - a tale of an otherworldly apparition in a New York boarding house
  • "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (shipping March 2023) - the story of a woman's incipient madness brought on by her confinement in a wallpapered room
  • "Markheim" by Robert Louis Stevenson (shipping June 2023) - good and evil collide strangely in a London antique shop
  • "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe (shipping September 2023) - Poe knits a disturbing tale of revenge in one of literature's greatest short stories

These stories have been carefully curated by the MLS to provide readers with uncanny thrills and macabre delights, wrapped in the most elegant writing of the modern age and illustrated by artists with a penchant for the outré.  Bespoke publisher Helios House Press has commissioned original artwork for each story, and had these fine volumes offset printed and thread bound by a traditional printer in Scotland, with letterpress covers. These editions are published exclusively for the MLS and are not available elsewhere. The print run is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. 

This set of books is no longer available as a subscription. But if you order now you'll get all four of the books above, along with additional ephemera and other bonus items. You'll also receive all four stories as Mythophonic MP3 audio recordings by the esteemed orators Mssrs. Branney & Leman, suitable for playback through all manner of digital phonographs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn't this a subscription? 

A: Originally, we offered a subscription for this series. We still have a few books left and we're making the set available to our customers.

Q: These books are small - why are they so expensive?

A: These books are published by Helios House and are printed using high quality techniques and materials by craftsmen in Scotland. They are produced in limited quantities for discerning readers. You will receive four separate shipments from us including the books and possibly surprises we're not telling you about. Your subscription also includes a download of a special Mythophonic recording of each story, produced by the HPLHS.

Q: Why is shipping so much less than it used to be?

A: With a subscription, your purchase includes four separate mailings of books. Here we send you one package that contains all four books plus other goodies.

Q: Can HPLHS Members earn a bonus stamp by joining the Miskatonic Literary Society?

A: Why yes, they can and will!

Q: Will my subscription automatically be renewed after one year?

A: No. Some of the default language on the checkout page might make it sound that way, but no, you will only be charged once for one year's subscription. If you want to renew for another year that would be a separate transaction and will NOT happen automatically.

Q: What is the actual price of this subscription?

A: It's US$125 for a one year subscription that includes four books. Our subscription management software is sometimes showing a price of $31.25 (the price of one of the four issues). The issues are ONLY available via a one-time subscription payment of $125  + shipping. Everything seems to be displaying correctly at checkout.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert Ellis

These booklets are beautifully printed, as are all the Helios publications--and your local publications too. The Miskatonic Missives are truly extraordinary--I wish the original letter in HPL's handwriting was also included, as well as a typewritten copy. Keep up the great work.

Jeremy L
An amazing collection.

This was gifted to me by a family member. I have been watching this for quite some time and I can say that I regret waiting. All of these stories are excellent works by their respective authors. The booklets are all superbly crafted and come with a few little props for an added bit of fun. You should buy this, it's amazing.

Mark Johnston-Sheridan
Weird and wonderful

The last story in the series has just been delivered and each story has been met with equal parts dread and wonder, I can only pray that my sanity will last to the end of this exceptional subscription. Perfectly curated stories made to a very high standard. I have renewed my membership to that hallowed institution the Miskatonic Literary Society...come join us.

A lovely addition to my library

When this first annual subscription came out, I did not instantly buy it as the price seemed a bit high. Eventually, because it was a limited press run and knowing the quality of everything else HPLHS creates, I took the plunge, and upon arrival of the first book I instantly regretted my momentary hesitation. They are, like every other item I have bought here, a very high quality item, wrought with love and care. When HPLHS announced the second annual subscription a day or two ago, I pre-ordered immediately. I now note that this first volume has some copies still available; do yourself a favor, buy this set as well as the subscription to the second volume. You will be glad you did.

Tim Honnor

I am Tim Honnor, who founded Piccolo Press in Scotland in 1985. I was very proud of what we achieved and the quality of our printing, especially letterpress and engraving. I visited my old press today and was so pleased see the booklets that you have commissioned. The press has maintained its high standards since I left and sold it on - as was obvious by the beautiful presentation of your books.
I now have a ‘Private Press’ called “Periscope Press” that is a hobby. But I do print letterpress posters and other bits and pieces on two beautiful antique presses made in 1900 and 1932. My website, much in need of a revision is www.periscopepress.co.uk should you want to have a look. And of course I would be delighted to send prints to the USA.
Best wishes from Scotland.