Miskatonic Varsity Pins

Miskatonic Varsity Pins

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Designed originally to decorate our Miskatonic Varsity Hoodie, our collection of M.U. pins celebrate the many accomplishments of Miskatonic students, RPG gamers and weirdos in general. Mostly, we thought they would be fun.

The authorities at Miskatonic are currently issuing in the following pins:

  • Archeology - for meritorious scholarship in the field of archeology, or participation in a dig which uncovers an artifact of unspeakable occult power. Polished gold with blue and black enamel.
  • Astronomy - for meritorious scholarship in astronomy and calculating when the stars will be right for the return of the great old ones. Polished sculptured gold with navy blue enamel.
  • Drama - for meritorious scholarship in theatre and/or artistic achievement in the theatrical arts. Antique gold finish with white and yellow enamel.
  • Honor Roll - issued by Dean Hayes for students earning a Grade Point Average of 3.6 or above. Polished sculptured gold with white and blue enamel.
  • Library Use - for students who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of and ability to extract obscure facts from the Orne Library. Black metal with white, orange, gray and gold enamel.
  • Medieval Metaphysics - for meritorious scholarship in historical metaphysics and mastering the occult sciences of yore. Polished gold with black enamel.
  • Sanity Level - this at-a-glance pin shows your current level of sanity; recommended for all M.U. students. Thumbwheels allow you to adjust the sanity level as needed. Polished silver with red and white enamel.
  • Varsity Athletics - for student athletes who have participated in athletics at a varsity level for the Miskatonic Myrmidons. Diestruck in antique copper.

All are enameled metal pins with a pin and traditional butterfly clutch, custom designed by the HPLHS. Collect the whole set! Images shown here are digital design mock-ups, approximately to scale.

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