"The Colour Out of Space" Audiobook

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On the anniversary of H. P. Lovecraft's death (March 15, 1937) we're honoring him and sharing some of the joy he's brought us by offering a free download of our audiobook "The Colour Out of Space".

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society recorded the story as part of our Collected Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft audiobook. Now the recording is available for the first time as a standalone download. Read by Andrew Leman of the HPLHS, the recording is approximately one hour and twelve minutes long. The text is edited by Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi and the recording features original music by Troy Sterling Nies.

A meteor strikes the earth in rural Massachusetts, and in its wake unfolds a tale of creeping horror, madness and despair. Don't miss your chance to hear Lovecraft's favorite of his stories.

Customer Reviews

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Kim White
Another excellent recording

Andrew's reading of this classic Lovecraft tale does not disappoint. SO enjoyable. A bonus was that they got the spelling of "colour" correct. :)
A bigger bonus was that it is FREE. Download it before they change their minds. (big smile)

Paul F. Taylor

Those erudite exceptionals at HPLHS have excelled, yet again. Not only have they produced the most fantastically brilliant treatment of Lovecraft's outstanding tale, The Color Out of Space; they gift it free of charge! As a new member, I sould say I am more than delighted - this is a perfect introduction to Lovecraft's opus. Splendid!

Aragorn Johnson
Another Free Audiobook!

What else can be said other than A Free HPL Audiobook!

'Nuff said again.

Michael Brown
Top Quality Audiobook

One of my favorite Lovecraft tales is now a free audiobook! Not only that, but it's very professionally done. HPLHS has done it again!!!

John Ferrara
A Great Way to Listen to a Classic

The Colour out of Space is one of my favorite stories by Lovecraft. This recording excellently produced Andrew Leman's narration really sets the mood of the story. I recently have been getting my girlfriend into Lovecraft and weird fiction, we started with the recent film adaptation of this story. My girlfriend enjoyed the film but as she listened to the story she loved it, she loved the story. The Colour Out of Space is a classic horror tale and the HPLHS offers a great way to enjoy it that is entertaining and accessible for old and new fans of weird fiction.