Miskatonic Literary Society Subscription - Volume 2

Miskatonic Literary Society Subscription - Volume 2

$ 31.25

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Continuing the Literary Delight

The Miskatonic Literary Society returns for another year of mailings of classic weird literature. Join us and you'll receive a beautiful edition of a story carefully selected by Garrison Matthis, Ph.D., Chairman of the English Department at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Mass. For our second year the Society has chosen:

  • "The Mummy's Foot" by Théophile Gautier (shipping mid-December 2023) - in which a man learns the hard way the perils of using a mummy's foot as a paperweight
  • "The Tale of Satampra Zeiros" by Clark Ashton Smith in which would-be thieves are confronted by an ancient horror
  • "The Mark of the Beast" by Ruyard Kipling in which a god demonstrates that it is not be disrespected
  • "The Novel of the White Powder" by Arthur Machen in which alternative medicine displays horrific consequences
  • All issues from Volume 2 will be accompanied with some kind of surprise to augment your reading enjoyment. If we told you any more, we'd spoil the surprises.
  • Subscribers who begin with Volume 2 will also receive a Miskatonic Literary Society membership card with their subscriptions.

These stories have been carefully curated by the MLS to provide readers with uncanny thrills and macabre delights, wrapped in the most elegant writing of the modern age and illustrated by artists with a penchant for the outré.  Bespoke publisher Helios House Press has commissioned original artwork for each story, and had these fine volumes offset printed and thread bound by a traditional printer in Scotland, with letterpress covers. These editions are published exclusively for the MLS and are not available elsewhere. The print run is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. 

New members to the MLS will receive a welcome letter from Professor Matthis and a personal deluxe membership card along with your first story. You need do nothing more than read and enjoy, and subsequent volumes will be mailed to you, along with additional ephemera and other bonus items. Each volume also comes with a companion MP3 Mythophonic audio recording by the esteemed orators Mssrs. Branney & Leman, suitable for playback through all manner of digital phonographs.

Missed out on last year's subscription? You can still order the books from Volume I.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you serious? 

A: Yes, we are very serious. If you join the Society you will receive a subscription and will receive all four books, sent to you on a quarterly basis. Issue 1 of Volume 2 is expected to ship around December 1 of 2023.

Q: The HPLHS is a society. So this is a society within the society?

A: Yes. This is a joint enterprise between the HPLHS and Helios House.

Q: These books are small - why are they so expensive?

A: These books are published by Helios House and are printed using high quality techniques and materials by craftsmen in Scotland. They are produced in limited quantities for discerning readers. You will receive four separate shipments from us including the books and possibly surprises we're not telling you about. Your subscription also includes a download of a special Mythophonic recording of each story, produced by the HPLHS.

Q: Egad! Why is shipping so expensive?

A: As you may have seen elsewhere, shipping prices are way up for just about everything. This product requires us to send four separate parcels to you. If you're outside the USA the shipping cost is considerable. Believe us, we wish shipping costs were lower.

Q: Can HPLHS Members earn a bonus stamp by joining the Miskatonic Literary Society?

A: Why yes, they can and will!

Q: Will my subscription automatically be renewed after one year?

A: No. Some of the default language on the checkout page might make it sound that way, but no, you will only be charged once for one year's subscription. If you want to renew for another year that would be a separate transaction and will NOT happen automatically.

Q: What is the actual price of this subscription?

A: It's US$125 for a one year subscription that includes four books. Our subscription management software is sometimes showing a price of $31.25 (the price of one of the four issues). The issues are ONLY available via a one-time subscription payment of $125  + shipping. Everything seems to be displaying correctly at checkout.


Customer Reviews

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Chris Hawley
What a treat!

I felt the need to some lint-free cotton gloves just to handle this gem of a book. The cover is exquisitely detailed, the page design and typesetting immaculate, and the beautiful illustrations hint of Roy Krenkel and Bernie Wrightson. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet room and enjoy a quality reading experience.

Excellence Redux!

We received the first offering of the MLS Volume II. "The Mummy's Foot" continues with the superb book design, typography, and printing of the preceding four chapbooks issued in Volume I. Of special note are the illustrations by Philip Harris, which bring the text to life.
The included ephemera are noteworthy as well:
Cover letter from Garrison Matthias, Director of the MLS
A piece of the mummy's shroud
Leather MLS bookmark
The MLS Volume II stamp so important to the members of the HPLHS Members Group.
Also included is a download of a reading of the story which adds a spoken-word dimension to your experience.